Library Card: August 28th, 2010

Event: Trip to the Milwaukee Public Library

Outfit: White ruffle tee: JCrew; Shifting buttons skirt: Anthropologie; Belt: Forever 21; Sandals: Target; Earrings: SJP line for Steve & Barry; Bag: H&M

I’ve loved libraries for as long as I can remember (seriously, props to my mom for making it such a regular part of my childhood). I worked at a beautiful library in college & I contemplated Marquette University in large part due to its proximity to both the Milwaukee Public Library and the Milwaukee Public Museum.  I now know that it’s not actually a great area of MKE, but those two spots certainly still rock. This Saturday was my first time actually stepping foot inside the library, and I was not disappointed (there’s a sweet used book/coffee shop combo inside that I still must investigate)! Adam and I easily obtained library cards, and after a bit of wandering/asking I found my target: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audiobook (because picturing even one trip to work without HP was not pleasant). We then spent some time browsing the shelves, because we’re awesomely nerdy like that. I can’t wait to read up on Dublin…we have a 5-book limit each until being cardholders for 3 weeks, so I must return for more on Ireland!

As for the outfit, this was my first time wearing my new purchase—the shifting buttons skirt. For the record, I would’ve worn different (brown) sandals with this…but with 15 minutes to get ready the shoes I had on previously from walkin’ Arwen apparently stayed put. I wore almost this exact outfit to work yesterday–the skirt was just long enough to comfortably scoot around with 4-5-year-olds. I just think it’s such a unique, fun piece…not colors or length you see too often.

Are you a library nerd?


~ by Elena Marie on September 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Library Card: August 28th, 2010”

  1. Yes. I am a library nerd. Yup. All the way.

    Also, YAY for this skirt! It is so fantastic. And these photos just capture it perfectly. They seem like they are straight out of the Anthro catalog.

  2. what a gorgeous library! and you already know im a library nerd haha. love your outfit and all the pictures.

  3. […] to the general theme o’ this blog—I did enjoy this outfit! As I tried this skirt with brown accents previously, it seemed like time to give black a shot. I definitely liked it with a wider belt. I have to say, […]

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