Buttons & Belt: September 2nd, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Shirt: The Limited; Skirt: Land’s End (thrifted); Sandals: Target; Earrings: World Market (gift from Anna); Headband & belt: Forever 21

Now that I lay out my outfits each night, the results are always kind of interesting. I don’t try them on in advance, so I always just hope for the best. I refuse to wake up any earlier than 5:40AM at the moment, so the minimal effort involved will just have to occur ahead of time! I got this shirt last weekend (The Limited currently has 40% off all shirts) and was eager to wear it. I’m not a huge button-down fan outside of a nice classic white one, but I felt like it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more at hand for work days that feel a bit more formal. The detailing at the collar made it less painful to spend $$ on a “basic” item. I liked it paired with this awesomely under $3 thrifted skirt (previously here & here)…the high-waist helped out with the fact that button-downs are rarely long enough on me.

I had a very easy commute from work tonight—under 20 minutes. Being back at 3:35 is kind of spectacular. I’m staying with my parents (had some overdue library books) and enjoying some extra sleep in the morning & some delicious dinner by my mom. I will say that it’s odd not to be in Milwaukee…and to be in a house that’s all re-arranged. My parents have never been the “we’ll turn your room into a home gym the moment you leave” types, but after 6 years o’ school things have finally changed a bit. “My room” now has Anna’s teensy twin bed, for example. Such a hardship ;). It’s the first night I’ve spent away from Adam & Arwen since I moved to WI. I’m all for alone time (aka time for Adam to do photos/play Call of Duty and for me to watch Say Yes to the Dress marathons and eat cookie dough), but it’s still a bit sad.

Time to enjoy the aforementioned home-cookin’ and relax a bit. Screenings all day at work tomorrow (but we get to leave early at 2:30!).

Photos by my mom 🙂


~ by Elena Marie on September 2, 2010.

6 Responses to “Buttons & Belt: September 2nd, 2010”

  1. i luuurrrve that top–the ruffle detail is gorgeous!

  2. love the stripes and the camel skirt pairing! Can’t wait to see you this weekend. Are you going to be in the burbs all weekend or are you heading back home to WI after work tomorrow?

    • Thank you! I’m heading back to MKE after work…but will be in Chicagoland for most of Saturday/Sunday. I’m likely taking the train from Elmhurst Sunday, but will update you. 🙂 Looking forward to the brunch!

  3. Waking up that early is horrible, but you look great!

  4. I love this totally on-trend color of this skirt! Looks great with that embellished button-down, too.

    I can’t tell you how much cookie dough I’ve eaten since Joe moved away…

  5. love this outfit

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