Midwest Fashion Blogger Meet-Up: September 5th, 2010

Event: Midwest Style Blogger Meetup @ P.J. Clarke’s

Outfit: Black, one-shoulder dress: The Limited; Boots: Aldo (gift from parents); Necklace: Borrowed from Anna (handed down from aunt); Bag: H&M; Cuff: Banana Republic (gift from Stephy); Ring: JCrew

Yay! Another blogger meet-up!

This one was held at PJ Clarke’s (Gold Coast location) and was kindly sponsored by Spotted Moth, We Love Colors, ShopRuche, and Muse—which meant that I went home with a cozy scarf and some bright socks (and watched a gorgeous bag be raffled off!). Chicago designer Lara Miller was supposed to be in attendance, but didn’t make it—though I did just get an email from her staff requesting contact info so that a gift could be sent, which is very sweet. My sister LOVED her internship experience there this summer (btw if you ever see Lara Miller’s sweaters at the Chicago Macy’s…my sister is definitely the model for the hang-tags! And stars in this “wear it your way” video).

The following bloggers attended (I am shamelessly stealing this list o’ links from Tieka):  A Fashion Adventure, Archives, Blonde Bedhead, ChiTown Fashionista, Clothes Inter Alia, Defying My Closet, Fashion Butter, Gina Josephine Aggie, Lemon Drop Love, Miss Vinyl Ahoy, Must Luvv Shoes, Sartoriography, Selective Potential, Shoe A Day and Transmission Me and contributed to some excellent blog/life/love discussions over mimosas, coffee, and home fries.

It was excellent to reunite with familiar faces and meet new ones…and, of course, go home with quite a few new blogs to check out and subsequently love! I get a little nervous before these gatherings, but thus far have always been pleasantly surprised…the awkwardness inherent in “dining with people I’ve never met” is short-lived and morphs quickly into a great girls’ afternoon.

P.S. It was Emily of Sartoriography‘s birthday on Sunday! I feel like that says something about how awesome this community of ladies is—we warranted a spot on the birthday schedule o’ events!

P.P.S. As you can see, some of the photos are by Adam, who dropped me off and picked me up at the event. He had his first experience of “being recognized from the blog” and awesomely acted as photog for our group shots!


~ by Elena Marie on September 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “Midwest Fashion Blogger Meet-Up: September 5th, 2010”

  1. I loved meeting you Elena! You are gorgeous! I love Andrea’s photobomb, BTW.
    I can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

  2. aw i’m jealous! wish i could have been there! let me know about the next one…i know i’m such a midwest lurker but i’d love to see you again xoxo

  3. these pics are so great! it was GREAT meeting you!!!! can’t wait to do some thrifting in mke! 🙂

  4. Totally jealous of the meet up. You look wonderful for it too! Love the boots!

  5. How fun!!! I am so glad I found your blog via anthroholic’s reader outfits bc I am over the moon at finding such an awesome blogger from Milwaukee! I wish I would have known about this meetup bc I would have love to have attended. I need to get in the loop here!!! anyway, Love your blog and the photography is wonderful! Can’t wait to read more!


    • Pamela—wordpress somehow marked your first comment here as spam (bad, bad wordpress) so i just saw it. I’ll definitely let you know about any future meet-ups—so happy to see a fellow MKE blogger!

  6. You DID warrant a spot on the birthday schedule! Thanks for the shout out. I had a great time with you all, of course, and was so happy to meet handsome Mr. Adam. And for real, any time you want to visit…

  7. Dude, I am SO bummed I missed this. Meeting Adam, seeing your pretty face, solidifying our multi-state bestie status. Seriously, you look freakin’ STUNNING in that middle picture. Gah. Adam’s a lucky man.

  8. how fun! you girls should organize one for this summer… would definitely go.
    From Milwaukee with love.

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