Plaid Blues: September 13th, 2010

Event: Work, errands w/Adam

Outfit: Blue long-sleeved tee & plaid scarf: Gap; Grey pants: The Limited; Sandals: Target; Earrings: World Market (gift from Anna); Bag: H&M

This was today’s “work & beyond” outfit.

It was definitely a Monday. Not that everything went dramatically wrong or anything, but work was just a bit busy with scheduling mix-ups and the like. And I’m so glad we made it to the grocery store and the library post-work, but it led to a late dinner. Not enough hours in the day! I feel like by Wednesday I’m IN THE GROOVE with the whole drive home-workout-prep for therapy-make dinner thing, but Monday is just too early in the game. The work-out did not happen today.

This is a pretty basic look (and very much resembles several of my medical placement ensembles). I have to praise Gap’s long-sleeved tees (well, again)…truly the only long-sleeved ones I have found that work for my tall self. Highly recommend them–especially when they’re awesomely on sale! I still have to post Friday’s outfit, which includes this season’s version (found here during the 30% off sale…and they also come in tall sizes).

Sorry so brief, but must go catch some zzzzzzs. Hope your Monday felt at least Wednesday-esque.


~ by Elena Marie on September 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Plaid Blues: September 13th, 2010”

  1. Great fall look. Love the scarf!

  2. i love this–simple but a nice pop of color and texture with the scarf. it looks chilly there! i’m still waiting for fall to arrive here 🙂

  3. Gap long-sleeve tees and Jcrew long-sleeve tees are the only ones long enough for my monster arms!
    I love the outfit, so simple, but it looks so nice together!

  4. you look so cozy in your awesome plaid scarf! hope the rest of your week is more exciting! 😀

  5. I often go for a similar look when I’m a bit stuck for fashion inspiration, which unfortunately has been more often than I like recently. You can’t beat a scarf to liven some basics up and great for covering up when teaching a class of undergrads! This shade of blue really suits you 🙂

  6. comfy, cas, love.

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