Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Thanks to Kim and to Roxy, I knew the Lost Time skirt was finally on sale. I decided to stalk it today after work. Bad news? My store only had it in a size 6, and I just could not justify purchasing it (I had to make it a VERRRRY high waist to get that size to “work”). Good news? The employees there are awesome. First they assured me they could have it shipped to my local store for free, and then when it was sold out online I was invited to fill out a form so they could request it from other stores for me. So…we’ll see. I should know soon whether anything actually comes of it. I know most sizes were still available online last night…so wow. Popular item!

It felt really nice to change into comfy jeans & a tee after work and walk around the neighborhood. It has been BEAUTIFUL outside lately. Plenty of sun with a slight chill, just the way I like it. I grabbed an iced latte on the way home from Anthro, which I suspect is sometimes just a purchase fueled by its impact on my emotional state. Made me feel a little more carefree and relaxed; Sunday afternoon on a Tuesday night.

1. Silken Stitches Dress, $168

This was the only piece I had major SALE FANTASIES about from this trip to the dressing room. Could see it dressed up for a wedding or night out with black tights and heeled brogues…dressed down during the summer with brown sandals/chunky jewelry. It’s a pull-on style, and yet felt very fitted! So many details at the bust and I LOVE the colors (and it has removable straps!). This was a size 8, TTS. Wish-listed!

2. Soffione Blouse, $98

I featured this blouse a long time ago for its gorgeousness, and it certainly is gorgeous. The print, the silk, the detail at the shoulders—all lovely. I think for my body it would’ve been better if it were longer. The belt hit me at an awkward place. Would revisit if it were majorly on sale because it’d be a great piece for work and weekend, but for now I’ll pass. This was a Medium, TTS.

3. Count the Waves Dress, $148

This had some rockin’ details. The ruffles, buttons, detailing on the skirt made for a very pretty dress. I also loved the pockets, of course. It didn’t jump out as a piece I’d add to the wish list immediately, but could certainly see it being very versatile. This was a Medium, TTSS.

4. Bianka Blouse, $68

Here I just look wiiiide to me, but it was a pretty blouse. I just have a hard time wearing pieces this flowy without feeling heavier. Very pretty, though. Wouldn’t discourage anyone else from buying it. Size 8, TTS.

5. Easy Keeper Skirt, $138

Ah, skirts like this make me wish I had a different job. šŸ˜‰ It could be long enough for well, some, days with 3-5-year-olds, I suppose. This was a size 8, and I’d probably try a size 10 if it went on sale to check the fit…this was pretty snug. I think in a good way, but always nice to compare. Such fun colors and awesome scalloping.

Time for bed! Have you scooped up any pieces at Anthro lately?


~ by Elena Marie on September 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. oh my, i LOVE that plaid skirt!!! the history nerd in me wants it!!! and that green dress is totally rockin on you!!!

  2. The Silken Stitches dress looks amazing on your body! I love the colors and the design of it.

    I hope you get a Lost Time skirt soon. I just saw the pattern of it — it reminds me of the Phantom Tollbooth a bit. Very cute!

  3. You look amazing in all those pieces, but especially the plaid skirt. Anthro suits you so well!

    I snagged two Anthro dresses recently- one which you commented on recently and another that has photos that are lost somewhere on my computer. I decided that two $20 summer dresses equaled a pretty excellent find, even if it is soon to be fall.

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