Semi-Pro: September 17th, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Plaid shirtdress: Old Navy; Jacket: Worthington via JCPenney;  Jeans: Gap; Black rosette flats: Target; Earrings: Walmart;  Belt: Forever 21

This belt and jacket are going to be showing up a lot, apparently. The jacket because, as I’ve mentioned, I just do not have many other options for chilly weather right now (other than, well, coats). And the belt’s just…easy. It’s very stretchy, so it’s comfortable even while driving many miles every day, and obviously the color is pretty darn versatile. 😉

Fridays are always “JEAN DAY” at work, and thus get to be pretty casual. I tried to keep it just a little bit professional with the jacket, but yes…casual Friday is pretty much the name o’ the game. This Friday was all about paperwork and planning. We don’t see kids on Fridays (pre-K students only attend M-Th), so they’re reserved for meetings and all the other fun non-therapy stuff that comes with being an SLP. I definitely needed ALL DAY (and more) this week. I had to be walked through the whole IEP (though I have used this system before during my internship…I’m still a bit terrified of accidentally clearing an IEP, etc), and I have four coming up that need to get done ASAP. I think it’ll be completely fine once I get the hang of it (don’t be shocked, but I don’t mind writing ;-D), but as of now it’s a little overwhelming.

Had Adam quickly snap these photos and then rushed to get a 20 minute treadmill work-out in before getting ready for our date night. Hey, something is better than nothing, right? Fancy date night photos to come!


~ by Elena Marie on September 19, 2010.

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