Thursday’s Dress: September 16th, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Green dress: Target; Grey pants: The Limited; Necklace & belt: Forever 21; Black flats: c/o Famous Footwear; Earrings: Walmart

Holy backlog o’ outfits, Batman! This is 1/6 outfits Adam just sent me…some catchin’ up will be going down tonight and hopefully tomorrow.

I keep looking for ways to transition both my summer and “student” pieces into the work world. This dress, worn VERY frequently in 2009/10, has shrunk a bit…so wearing it over pants didn’t feel like much of a stretch. I love this necklace with it, and usually can’t resist the pairing when the dress goes on (evidence 1 & 2).

Adam took these photos well after 8pm on Thursday as I was in the middle of attempting IEP goals/enjoying dinner by Adam/losing a battle with focusing more on the TV than paperwork. Still feel like I”m adjusting to all my responsibilities at my job, but also still feelin’ pretty positive about it all. Just can’t wait to have more experience under my belt (and know all my kids better!).

More soon! Hoping to have some lazy bloggin’ time along with work-prep and cleaning. Are you having a nice lazy Sunday?


~ by Elena Marie on September 19, 2010.

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