Champagne & Suit Jackets: September 17th, 2010

Event: Dinner date @ Swig

Outfit: Printed strapless dress: The Limited; Heeled brogues: Payless; Suit jacket: Worthington via JCPenney; Necklace: Flea market in WI; Earrings: Walmart

On our anniversary, Adam and I both received emails from one of our favorite restaurants for a glass of free champagne! As we had 30 days to put it to use, we held out for a few weeks before taking advantage. Having never tried their tapas (the entree are always too tempting!), we finally opted to go for it. Restaurants with outdoor seating are my fave—always means Arwen gets to come along for the ride. Just in case you’re planning a trip to Swig, we ordered the snap peas tempura, beef tenderloin crostini, baked brie, and a side of asparagus/tomatoes. I’d highly recommend all of them! Their pastas are also amazing.

I went pretty dressy because OH LOOK, Adam was wearing a full on suit! He had to don one for work on Friday, and awesomely left it on for our date. Gotta love a man in a suit. I would’ve loved to wear my outfit sans jacket (hence a few photos to that effect), but there was no way dinner outdoors was going to allow that. It was fun to break out the heeled brogues (how I’ve missed you!) and, of course, give the sequined necklace another wear.

We came back to our apartment for some yummy toffee and, er, were supposed to watch a movie. I fell asleep, so instead slept while Adam played Halo Reach. Whoops! I’ll see you soon, The Hustler/Paul Newman. Promise.


~ by Elena Marie on September 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Champagne & Suit Jackets: September 17th, 2010”

  1. that dress and necklace are amazing…love how you wore the brogues with it!

  2. awww! looks like an awesome night! you both look great 🙂

  3. ps – its funny you mentioned that dress i wore to the meetup…that same day i happened to be wearing it, and accidentally spilled indian food on it while at dinner (mortifying) and now its totally ruined 😦 such is life!

  4. Sounds, and LOOKS, like an amazing evening! I adore that dress every time you wear it. I really love these hallway photos, too! 🙂

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