Film Festival: October 1st, 2010

Event: Movie & dinner date!

Outfit: Striped tee: Gap; Ruffled skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s (thanks, Mom!); Tights & necklace: H&M; Boots: Aldo (gift from parents); Stud earrings: Walmart; Clutch: Payless

So, we kind of dropped the ball on the Milwaukee Film Festival. Last weekend was just jam-packed with “Goodbye, Martin” events, and it didn’t make it on the priority list during the week. However, if we could only make it to one movie, I’m glad A Somewhat Gentle Man was it! It had action, revenge, lots o’ humor, and great character development. Definitely a winner—I completely recommend it. Haven’t seen a foreign film in far too long, and this was fantastic. While we missed out on what were undoubtedly a lot of amazing films, we now have a list of what must go on our Netflix!

I had about 15 minutes to get ready for this date due to some ticket mix-ups, so I had fun with the outfit and did what I could with the hair and make-up. I was really excited to wear this skirt again after realizing it hasn’t been worn since its Gallery Night debut in April (whoops). In retrospect, maybe this would’ve been better with my black heeled brogues? Eh, perhaps next time. In any case, it felt right for a classy evening o’ film (with a glass of wine—I love you, Oriental Theatre!) and Italian food. Mmm. We just wandered the streets after the movie (we’re not too familiar with that area) and found ourselves at Palermo Villa. Adam went for the baked rigatoni with meatballs and I ruthlessly copied him. 😉 It was yummy—we just enjoyed the leftovers tonight.

P.S. I got completely uncomfortable taking these pictures. Oh, public photos. I love outdoor shots, but I continue to feel very awkward with lots of other people around.


~ by Elena Marie on October 4, 2010.

8 Responses to “Film Festival: October 1st, 2010”

  1. you look so pretty! i have a ruffled skirt like this too, and i never thought of wearing it with tights and boots–such a good idea to make it a little less froufy/fancy.

  2. I still get awkward, too. I love how you’re wearing white after Labor day AND that you paired with tights. It’s almost like you’re mixing seasons.

  3. I feel awkward taking photos in my backyard still. I feel like my neighbors are staring at me. I love this look! The theater looks like one of those old classic cinema’s that I love.

  4. It’s super awkward, that’s why I stick to the kitchen or don’t take pics at all. At least when we move the scenery will be new for you guys =P

    Love the outfit! The skirt is super feminine and I of course love the boots!

  5. there are so few theaters around that you can drink in….isn’t it so fun?? glad you caught one movie at the festival! oh, and i totally know what you mean about the photos in public thing…

  6. cute!!!

  7. Ruthless copying is the best!!

    You look super cute here. Love how you mixed the stripes and ruffles. The boots are awesome with this, too.

    I’m jealous that Clare is going to see you soon! Come to Chicago to visit us!!

  8. I get so uncomfortable with outside photoshoots, too. It makes it 10X worse that Joe gets really uncomfortable too. Then we’re both standing and fidgeting and being awkward.

    Anyway, I love this! I think the brown boots look great with this!

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