Cognac Love: October 6th, 2010

Event: Work, hair cut

Outfit: Purple shirt dress: The Limited; Cognac boots: Steve Madden Intyce via Amazon; Earrings: World Market (gift from Anna); Black tights: H&M; Belt: Forever 21

I still have outfits to steal from Adam’s camera, but I figured I’d forge ahead with today’s look. My boots finally came yesterday! They were $87 (originally $130) on Amazon, so I went for it. I felt like it was time to not buy $20 Target boots. Not that I won’t do it again in the future if a winner comes along, but owning a bit more quality (and perhaps smaller quantities) feels wise now that, um, I actually get paid. That doesn’t mean I can justify a pair o’ Frye boots (oh so tempting), but still. Thanks, Steve Madden. You are super comfy. And pretty. I suspect you’ll be seeing them frequently…they help out with the whole making-dresses/skirts-work-appropriate.

It’s been a busy week (parent-teacher-conferences!). Some long days and rough starts (portion of I-94 was completely closed off due to a fatal accident; was thirty minutes late to work), but I have a four day weekend starting Friday…so I’ll keep the complaints brief. I’m staying with my parents tonight so I’ll be a bit more rested for tomorrow—we’re required to be at work until 8PM for conferences. We’re watching J.K. Rowling on Oprah right now (she’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a “hero”. LOVE HER) and enjoyed some pumpkin pie after dinner. Yum. It looks so AUTUMN here in suburbia and I heart it. I went out to lunch today partially just to enjoy the walk to/from my car.

I’m am so pitifully behind on my Google Reader, but hope to catch up soon! Love you, blogosphere.

P.S. My hair didn’t look like this at work and is the result of a hair-cut tonight. It’s only .5″ shorter, and yet they blow dry it so nicely that it always looks like a semi-dramatic change to me…for the evening.


~ by Elena Marie on October 6, 2010.

15 Responses to “Cognac Love: October 6th, 2010”

  1. Your hair does look awesome! It’s so shiny and full. And those boots…well, you already know they the bestest of boots, but I’ll just say it again- they’re the bestest of boots! That was an investment worth making, for sure.

  2. i have that same dress, so it’s great to see how you’ve styled it. now i’ll definitely be mixing it with boots!

  3. Your haircut makes me miss having long hair…. Looks gorgeous (as do you). 🙂

  4. You look amazing in these photos! This outfit is really gorgeous. My Target boots are based on those Steve Maddens …love those boots! I think you’ll get tons of wear out of them!

    • Thanks! Love those boots on you! I missed the boat on the Kady (?) boots last year and was happy to find a replacement of sorts 🙂

  5. LOVE the boots. Great choice… they were worth every last red cent 🙂

    Yours Truly

  6. Love this whole outfit! I had the perfect pair of Cognac boots…until I finally destroyed them last winter. On the search again this year!

  7. Ooh those look incredible, can’t wait to see more outfits with them!

  8. your hair looks beutiful! i love it 🙂 and even .5 inches can make you feel like you’ve got a compeltely new style!

  9. I just love that post-haircut feeling!! And this outfit is so lovely. Great boots!

  10. i do the same thing with boots – i have 2 vintage leather pair and one major pair of frye’s i invested in. those are my “good” boots. then i have the cheaper target ones that are trendy and will only last a season or two. i think i have a problem! haha

  11. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Those boots are stellar, and I’m a huge fan of them with this dress!

  12. ooo i have the intyce boots and i LOOOOOVE them. i think i wore them every single day last winter haha. not many things feel better than getting a haircut, either. 🙂

  13. that color looks great on you. I have those boots from about2 years ago and I love them, wore them till the heel wore through. You will love them, they are really comfy

  14. […] new Steve Madden boots made their debut with this purple dress, so it was only right that my new black ones got the same treatment, at least for work. Really this […]

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