Puppy Date.

Today was the start of my four day weekend! I may dedicate Monday to some productivity, but today was all about relaxing and enjoying the spectacular weather we’ve been having. Since Adam was sadly at work, I figured Arwen and I could have a mommy-puppy day. Our first stop was at Swig for lunch, where Arwen dined on a bowl of water & a large stick and I went for coffee & the Mediterranean Chicken Pita. I have been wanting to try their sandwiches for quite awhile, and was notttt disappointed. YUM. Arwen made friends with many passersby and the 2 bull dogs who were seated next to us. I’ll admit to always feeling a smidgen awkward eating alone, especially outside when everyone’s in groups, but I chatted with Anna (aka planned our MADISON weekend!) and just enjoyed the scenery. I heart this area. After lunch we wandered over to the River Walk, always an Arwen favorite (I’m partial to it myself). Ms. Arwen was worn out by the time we got home, so a mini-nap was the conclusion to our day. Now she’s chillin’ like a villain while Adam and I lament our faulty DVR and watch some random SVU.

Happy Weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on October 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Puppy Date.”

  1. she so sweet! my dog would be going crazy and not sitting still.

  2. i totally feel awkward and weird eating alone, too! i feel like everyone is staring at me, i dont know where to set my gaze (into space? at my hands? how about my phone?) sounds like you and arwen had a great day! 🙂

  3. love mommy doggie day! I used to feel awkward eating alone, but now I find it relaxing…no kids. Love the pic with the shadows

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