Lacy Gallery Night: October 15th, 2010

Event: Gallery night

Outfit: Black tee: Old Navy; Lace skirt: Target; Boots: Aldo (gift from parents); Necklace: Flea market; Clutch: Payless; Tights: Hue?

Friday night was our third Gallery Night! I don’t think anything can top the first one, as it was the night we decided to live together and began touring apartments whilst enjoying free wine & cheese, but this one had its moments! Favorite parts included free mini-cupcakes at Milwaukee Cupcake Co., $1 tees at Brew City Promotions, the “Life” photography exhibit, dance performances/wine/scheduling 2 free lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio (which, um, is also terrifying to me), and enjoying appetizers & beer at Rustico’s. Love having a fairly cheap night out with my guy in our city!

This skirt purchase was obviously heavily influenced by Clare rockin’ it in Madison. When I spotted it at Target for $4, there was no way I could pass it by! I know that Emily went for 4 colors. I need to go back and return a Tucket for Target dress (much as I want it to be, it just isn’t flattering), and I definitely plan to go for more if they’re still on the rack! While in the dressing room I was envisioning this as a more casual piece—paired with knee-high socks, the new boots, and casual tops. But Gallery Night always feels like it’s time to bring a smidgen o’ sophistication, so I went for black & sequins. The skirt has already more than earned its price tag—also wore it for a little impromptu photo shoot tonight!

P.S. This was night numero uno with the tilt-shift lens! See Adam petting it lovingly below. I can see why the guy’s so smitten…gahhh he’s taken some amazing photos with it!


~ by Elena Marie on October 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Lacy Gallery Night: October 15th, 2010”

  1. Love the outfit. The colors look so awesome together and I’m in love with those boots!

  2. ah! i love new glarus!!!

  3. Yay for being skirt twins!! I love how you styled it with the black pieces and cognac boots. And I never tire of your pictures of food. Yummm…

  4. I’ve always loved your pics, but as of late everything you have been posting I’ve loved. Also, because I was an idiot for not buying that lace skirt sooner, I was also finally convinced by seeing so many cute posts with it. So done and done! I now own the skirt in gray. 🙂

  5. okay, what target did you find that skirt for $4!?! The Target in Brookfield still has them at $8. I’m cheap. I’d rather pay $4 🙂

    cute outfit!

    • I work in northern IL, so I stopped in Gurnee before crossing the border. Maaay check out the Milwaukee one soon (on Chase Ave)–will update you 🙂

  6. This makes me want a lace skirt!!

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