Sunset: October 20th, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Blouse: Anthropologie (gift from Adam); Skirt: Old Navy; Tights: Gap; Boots: Famous Footwear (Hot Kiss); Necklace: Urban Outfitters (gift from Anna)

I love having a little balcony. We sit out on it pretty darn rarely (I know…SADNESS!), but knowing it’s there to catch glimpses of sunsets and dine with a cool breeze all around is valuable knowledge. Oh yeah, and it houses the grill, which Adam awesomely fires up anytime meat is on the menu.

I was really on a skirt roll last week. I didn’t used to think I had many skirts…but, er, this really is not true. I might not wear my skirts very OFTEN, but I’ve accumulated quite a few. I do find them more challenging than dresses (what to wear on top? mysssstery). I liked this combination of plaid color, black, and brown. And, hey, look! I’M WEARING DIFFERENT BOOTS. And tights that aren’t black!

I believe I made myself wear these boots and a pair o’ black flats last week, just to not wear my cognac ones It was rough.

Cute kid moment regarding this outfit (4-year-old-boy in front of entire class): Miss Elena, why do you have a belt like..over everything? And why is it by…your face?

My response contained something about people wearing belts in different places and it all being okay. I know…I’m creating open-minded, fashion-forward individuals one odd question at a time. BOOYEAH.


~ by Elena Marie on October 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sunset: October 20th, 2010”

  1. Oh yes, kids notice everything. I loved teaching 2nd grade because it was like having my own personal fan club. Of course every once in a while some little boy would break in with something like, “Why do your teeth look yellow?” and put me back in my place!

  2. awesome photos with the sunset in the back round! 🙂

  3. I like the orange =)

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