Sunday Poll: October 15th-23rd, 2010

Finally getting caught up over here on Caffeinerd! The previous poll’s winners were Saturday & Sunday (both from my weekend in Madison). Thank you so much for voting! My current obsession with the grey cardigan led me to love Friday’s look the most.

In the looks above, 2/7 outfits don’t involve the Steve Madden boots. So…I’m just a little addicted. Sorry for October 18th thrown in at the end—it almost got left behind by accident! I would love to find out which outfit from October 15th-23rd— was your favorite. There’s a pretty even mixture of work/weekend wear, so should be interesting.

As always, additional feedback in the comments is very much encouraged and appreciated. I hope you’ve had a spooktacular weekend.


~ by Elena Marie on October 31, 2010.

One Response to “Sunday Poll: October 15th-23rd, 2010”

  1. […] Last week’s poll most definitely did not have a clear winner (there’s a 3-way tie), but thank you for voting! I think I might’ve gone for October 15th or 21st. This week has almost all work-day looks + the debut of the other, ubiquitous $4 Target skirt. I’ve continued to avoid dress pants completely. SCORE. […]

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