Here are some of the shots from Adam’s and my fall, tilt-shift photo shoot.  We drove just a few blocks away with some props (I heart pretty books and a good picnic) and had fun with an abandoned warehouse and a concrete, weedy field. These also can double as my outfit photos from October 17th. 😉 Did I mention this t-shirt was $1? And that I love it?

You can find more photos from the shoot over at Adam’s blog. His mad photo skillz blow me away every time.


~ by Elena Marie on November 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tilt-Shift.”

  1. That T-shirt is amazing. The pictures are too. I have a few books from that series of hard covers. They are so pretty I hardly want to read them.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Hawt

  3. i ADORE that tee, elena!

  4. Amazing photos!! Such a great shirt…what a find

  5. That is an awesome tee! Can’t believe it cost one dollar! I am so jealous of your BF’s photography skills. I wish I was that talented!

  6. fun fun!

  7. Great pics, but I love the fact that tee was only a $1 and so incredibly cute!

  8. ohmygosh. I love love love this effect! Gaw, photography is so amazing!! And your outfit is to die for!! Way to be the best bargain shopper EVERRR

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