Marooned: November 3rd, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Striped tee: Gap; Skirt: Thrifted (Land’s End brand); Boots: Diba; Tights: We Love Colors; Necklace: Gift from Stephy

One of my 5-year-old clients definitely studied this necklace for a moment and then asked me if I’d been to Paris (said in a very not-French-but-nevertheless-heavy-accent of sorts). As my co-workers would say, kiss your brain! What a smart dude.

This marks the first time I wore colored tights to work. BUT IT SHALL NOT BE THE LAST. Which, er, I can say with confidence since I wore purple ones today. I wasn’t sure the crazy tights phase o’ 2009-2010 would get to continue, but I think if I’m a bit more thoughtful about it from Monday-Friday most of ’em can make it out of the drawer (the yellow ones? not so sure about that).

Have you been breaking out the colored tights? At work?

P.S. Definitely spilled coffee on this shirt on the drive to work, but it rallied thanks to the foamy soap in the school bathrooms.


~ by Elena Marie on November 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Marooned: November 3rd, 2010”

  1. Ooh la la! I love the necklace with the stripes!

    I’ve worn patterned tights to campus a few times, but I’ve only worn colorful tights (olive) to campus once. I’m thinking with the 30 for 30 challenge, my collection of colorful tights might see some more use.

  2. Ahhhhahaa, I had no idea! That’s too hilarious, because I went through like five title revisions before I just went with “marooned.” Great minds think alike!

    I love your look here — what a great story surrounding your necklace. And those tights are awesome. I bought a few pairs of colored tights over the summer when they were on super sale, but now I’m wondering if I was crazy in buying neon orange and green pairs…

  3. I like the striped top with the casual khaki skirt and the unexpected whimsy of the purple tights. Cute look. LOVE the Eiffel Tower necklace!

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