Shall We Dance?: November 4th, 2010

Event: Work, dance lesson w/Adam (swapped in a pair o’ heels)

Outfit: Black dress: Gap; Tights: Simply Vera (gift); Boots: Steve Madden; Earrings: Francesca’s; Layering tank: Charlotte Russe (very old); Purple flower pin: Handmade by Anna

During the most recent Gallery Night we randomly found ourselves at Fred Astaire, a local dance studio. We were, admittedly, mostly enticed by the promise of a free wine tasting, but there wound up being excellent performances by students and teachers…and the offer of two free lessons. Adam was all for it. I get all anxious and reluctant when it comes to dancing…I just have never felt confident with it and get very self-conscious. Even at weddings lately we’ve felt kind of clueless after a couple of slow-dance numbers and a few spins. Butttttt it was free, and Adam was enthusiastic…so we went for it. I feel like we’re rockin’ the new experiences in Milwaukee. First it was Bikram Yoga, now it’s private dance lessons. Next…?

So I wore this outfit to work, knowing it was what I wanted to wear to dance later (after swapping in my heeled brogues). The lesson was actually a lot of fun and pretty embarrassment-free. We learned a few very basic steps and the start to four dances to go with them (meringue, rhumba, push-pull, waltz). Our instructor made us feel really comfortable, and we passed the test of talking-and-dancing. 😉 Go team Adam & Elena! We stopped for yummy Chinese food on our way home and finished out the evening with wine & The Office. I’m not a fan of my Thursday work-days, but Thursday nights are on the top of my list. We don’t see any kids on Fridays, so I usually don’t bring any work home. Wine, TV, and cuddling make it to the top of the list.

Time to get back to my Friday. Heading into the city tonight to meet Katherine, Sarah, and Natalie! Grad school reunion/girls’ night downtown! I’m very excited. 🙂 Hope you have a great start to your weekend!


~ by Elena Marie on November 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Shall We Dance?: November 4th, 2010”

  1. love the purple tights…I would love to try the colored tights, but I am pretty sure my boss might freak!!
    That dress look great on you.

  2. I’m with you I feel so uncomfortable dancing sometimes but if you block that out and really learn the steps/feel the beat you realize there is no reason to be embarrassed! I loved getting dance lessons, when they’re free of course!

  3. Wow, I wish we had more free, fun classes like that around here!

    That is such a great dress for dancing and twirling! The lace from the tank top and the flower pin really add extra romance. You look very pretty!

  4. I have this same dress in brown! Seeing you wear it makes me want to figure out where to wear it to!

  5. I love that dress! It looks so comfy and easy to move in.

  6. perfect dancing outfit! next time you should wear your anthro swirly dress. yay! sounds fun, I wanna do that! I’m glad you are getting to try new things with Adam. yeah talking and dancing, teach me your skills- I never know how to talk to people I’m dancing with! I can never hear what they are saying over the music and then I forget how to dance haha.

  7. I really love this look. I’m especially surprised by how much I love the boots with a dress. I may have to try this now!

  8. Love the flower! Looks great with the lace trim.

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