Chicago Twirl: November 5th, 2010

Event: Girls’ night in Chicago

Outfit: Traced twirls dress: Anthropologie; Boots: Diba; Cardigan: Express; Belt: Forever 21; Maroon tights: We Love Colors

Whoa, eeks on the photo quality. But hey—-pretty new dress!

I figured a girls’ night out in the city with some of my favorite grad school classmates warranted a dress debut! After work on Friday I headed to my parents’ house so I could get ready and get dropped off at the Metra to meet Natalie/Sarah/Katherine in Chicago. It was my first time seeing Sarah and Katherine’s new amazing digs in Lakeview. LOVED THE APARTMENT. We headed out to Pizza Rustica to enjoy Italian food and BYOB courtesy of our 2 bottles of wine in hand. The food was delicious (we split a couple of salads and then all went for pasta), but the service was not fabulous and the prices were a bit high for pasta. Who knows, with a different server/no meatball shortage things could’ve gone differently. But no worries…a dinner out with girlfriends can really never be a fail. Especially with wine and a quickly devoured/split piece of tiramisu.

We headed back to their apartment after our late dinner for Sex and the City, catching up, and tipsily made cinnamon rolls. The next morning we walked around the gorgeous neighborhood, stopping for baked goods at Sarah’s job (Sensational Bites). I enjoyed the most delicious butter pecan scone…ever. Yum. We window shopped at a few other local boutiques before heading back to suburbia (and eventually Milwaukee for me). We haven’t had the chance to reunite too many times since graduation, but I’m really grateful we’ve been able to make it happen! Here’s to many more girls’ nights, wherever they may be.

P.S. I don’t think MKE has any BYOB restaurants. I love you, MKE, but faaaaail. Someone please let me know if I’m wrong.


~ by Elena Marie on November 7, 2010.

12 Responses to “Chicago Twirl: November 5th, 2010”

  1. Love the wine pictures LOL!! Looks like you had a blast!! I’m dying for a girls night reunion like that, how fun =) Love the twirly dress too.

  2. Jealous! But it looks like you guys had a blast and all looked great! Can’t wait for a Christmas break reunion!

  3. I love this dress with the belt. You look sensational!!

  4. what an amazing dress…love the hint of pink!

  5. That dress and belt are amazing together! One of my favorite restaurants in my former city was BYOB and was delicious (but had notoriously slow service). You’ve made me homesick for food and friends!

  6. Yay for a girls’ night! Those are truly the best. Love the dress, too!

    Oh, and BYOBs truly are fantastic.

  7. What a fun girl’s night! And what pretty dress lining!

  8. i cant wait to do this again!!!! loved seeing you girls and miss you already!

  9. That is such a fun dress for what looks like a really fun night out! I adore the full skirt and print, and that belt is the perfect touch. One of my favorite looks of yours!

  10. […] o’ glasses of champagne, for which I changed into the twirliest dress on the planet (see here) and nabbed compliments from the dance instructors. A good evening all around. I feel like […]

  11. Hey! Recently discovered your blog after searching for Anthro dress reviews…and I just had to say 1) that you look fab in the traced twirls dress, and 2) that I just found that dress through Anthro CS and it’s on it’s way to me! I had always thought it would be too long and overpowering on petite 5’4″ me…then I saw a recent pic of Taylor Swift wearing it and realized…duh! Hem the darn thing! Her stylist did a very smart thing and brought up the length of the dress to above the knee, and further hemmed the skirt to expose the pretty pink ruffled lining- Genius! unless it proves too costly I intend to do the same thing.

  12. […] wore this dress similarly for the first time for a girls’ night out in Chicago, but I will say that I think the accessories make all the difference in this case! The yellow tights […]

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