25 Hour Day: November 7th, 2010

Event: Lunch, errands, dog park

Outfit: Black tee: Old Navy; Long vest: H&M; Shifting buttons skirt: Anthrooplogie; Boots: Diba; Belt: Forever 21; Scarf: Street vendor in Verona

Sunday was a gorgeous day for setting the clocks back one SIGNIFICANT hour. Just getting ourselves out of bed before 1PM is usually an accomplishment on weekends, so eating breakfast/going on a run with Arwen before noon was quite a change. Saving the grocery shopping for later, Adam and I decided to check out a new restaurant for lunch. Comet Cafe was the chosen locale—and it was excellent! I ordered the Leghorn sandwich, which you can see described in a photo below. It sounded so wacky (peach jelly?!), but it was perfect. The ‘Sconnie Mosa was also pretty darn awesome (cranberry wine from Door County, champagne, orange juice). I hate eggs in all forms, and thus brunch tends to be a bit of a challenge. Comet’s lunch-ish options gave me a yummy, welcome alternative.

During lunch we passed “words with friends” (iPhone,  comptetitive goodness)  back and forth and discussed our upcoming trip to Dublin. I think I’m finally grasping that it’s two weeks away. Kinda sorta. It’s just too big and incredible to be a mere 14 days awaaaaaay!

Honestly, my eyes keep closing while I type (and then I wake up with a start to find 200 exclamation points from my sleepy, aimless, fingers), so it’s time to sign off. Hope you’re having a great start to the week. Loving seeing all the 30/30 looks!

P.S. This outfit was cozy and involved one of my favorite Anthro skirts. There were olive green tights involved, but the tall boots/long skirt keep ’em hidden. Overall I deemed this a Sunday win!


~ by Elena Marie on November 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “25 Hour Day: November 7th, 2010”

  1. Lovely, lovely outfit. It makes me really want to invest in some more skirts and tights.

    Also, your blog is one of my favorites 🙂

  2. i LOVE that outfit!!! so cute and cozy! we are also big on staying in bed until the last moment possible on the weekends. would never get out of bed if the dog didn’t have to go out! 🙂

  3. adorable skirt! i’m loving the time change, as well; however, i get tired so early lately! i find myself falling asleep on the couch waaaaay before bedtime. it must be my natural need to “hibernate”.
    ps…that sandwich looks incredible!

  4. I cannot get over how beautiful Adams photography is. So gorgeous. I love your outfit. It did look comfy but put together at the same time. It makes me want to go dress shopping but my money situation will not allow that. Boo. Beautiful as always twin!

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