Invested: November 9th, 2010

Event: Work, trivia night

Outfit: Dress: Banana Republic; Tights: Simply Vera; Boots: Diba; Necklace: Urban Outfitters (gift); Vest: Old Navy (gift)

When titling these posts I’ve still been going for “October” initially. I just can’t seem to grasp this whole NOVEMBER thing.

One of my (four-year-old girl) kids today asked me about the letters on my necklace. I told her that ‘amore’ means ‘love’ in Italian. She promptly asked if I am in love. I said yes, and soon found out that she’s in love with John, who sits next to her every day at preschool. Ah, (truly!) young love.

This outfit was dressier than I would normally be for the preschoolers, but I’ve really been trying to get any skirt or dress of an appropriate length into the Monday-Friday rotation. I’ve rarely worn this dress (this is the only documented occasion), so it felt like time to give it another shot. I think the vest gave it a bit more structure.

Work’s pretty busy right now with progress reports due next week, many an IEP meeting around the corner, andΒ  3 evaluations approaching. Eeks. As I obviously will not be doing any work over break (hi, Ireland), have to dedicate at least an hour every night to fun paperwork. Adam set up a little work station for me in the den (which was previously pretty dominated by his desktop computer), which was adorable, so I’ve been making use of it. Time to work out and break out the work laptop!

Happy Wednesday.


~ by Elena Marie on November 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Invested: November 9th, 2010”

  1. ew for IEP’s – don’t miss those, not even a little bit – but YAY for that dress! so cute and, of course, flattering on you.

  2. Aw what a cute story πŸ™‚
    I love the sleeves on that dress, so casual chic!

  3. girls…i think we come out of the womb, in love. so cute! what a lovely dress! i love how you originally paired it with the brown and black. both looks are great!

  4. I love the vest over the dress!

    One of my five-year-olds “marries” a (different) girl everyday on the playground. Then the girl will lay her head in his lap as he strokes her hair. I hate separating the boy and his girl, but they make me nervous!

    Also, 4-year-olds are cute until they get you sick 😦

  5. You are my business casual style icon. That is all. πŸ™‚

  6. love this look! I have a similar vest but have never worn it over a dress. Will definitely have to give it a try!

  7. […] Wearing one super-sale BR dress this week apparently made my brain think it was time to wear the other one. This was a 2007 (?) purchase, something like $118 marked down to $30. I can’t stand BR’s original prices, but their sales rock my world. After doing one black & blue combination this week, I felt like I needed somethin’ a bit different going on. ENTER: cognac boots & yellow scarf. […]

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