Sunday Poll: November 5th-11th, 2010

Guess what? Last week’s poll had a clear winner with 46% of the vote! I salute you, Monday. Thank you so much for your feedback!

This week is a mixture of work and weekend, all —again— with the newest pairs of boots. I just can’t say no to them! Also have been loving the rediscovery of my shell belt. It’s been missing since I moved to MKE, and the other day I found it randomly on top of my dresser. Adam must’ve put it there, but he doesn’t even remember finding it. MYSTERIOUS. But awesome.

Alright, time to go plan for Dublin, which also includes thinking about what I’ll pack. Adam reminds me that it’s not a fashion show. True, but as it’s the first time I’m visiting Europe with an actual HOTEL booked and no backpacking involved…might as well go a step beyond t-shirts and jeans? I’m thinking utter coziness for the flights & then lots o’ dresses/boots for the actual vacation. We shall see!

I would love to hear which outfit from November 5th to 11th was your favorite. As always, additional feedback in the comments is very much encouraged and appreciated. Happy, happy Sunday!


~ by Elena Marie on November 14, 2010.

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