Cubanitas Celebration: November 13th, 2010

Event: Celebrating Adam’s new job at Cubanitas

Outfit: Camber dress: Anthropologie; Belt: Forever 21; Heeled brogues & clutch: Payless; Bangles: H&M

On Saturday we went to Cubanitas, a Cuban restaurant Adam’s been raving about for months. I wanted to take my guy out for a celebratory meal, and the food was very yummy. And, I mean, see below: they have a sandwich named after me. 😉 I’ll have to try it next time, but this time around I went for the pollo tropicale.

This seemed like a good time to debut my newest Anthropologie piece (and, aside from the Perthshire dress which I sooo wanted for Ireland but has yet to go on sale, the last item from my wish list), the Camber dress (which I tried on August…such patience). Looking at my wardrobe, there really aren’t many pieces I’d call “sexy”. This one, however, is pretty darn curve-hugging. It’s an effect with which I decided I’m on board. I most definitely have curves, and —-while I’ll admit I wish I could trim ten pounds off them and tone up a bit—–I don’t want the curves to vanish by any means. Hourglass is a shape I have fun dressing. I feel like this is a dress that goes out of its way to cling/drape in a way that emphasizes the good.

Time to go Shred w/Ms. Jillian Michaels. I haven’t mentioned work-outs on here lately because nothing too interesting has been happening—-lots of 30 Day Shred (level 2 hurts me), a couple of runs outside, random trips down to the apartment’s gym. I’m feeling okay with the frequency of my work outs, but I still am experiencing some grief over the loss of the University’s gym. Ah, you were so perfect, ARC. Trying to get in paperwork, cleaning, and a viewing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight. May be too ambitious, but we shall see! Hope your week’s off to a fabulous start.



~ by Elena Marie on November 16, 2010.

12 Responses to “Cubanitas Celebration: November 13th, 2010”

  1. SCHWING. You look DAMN stunning! Holy crap!!

  2. That dress looks fantastic on you. I should try the 30 day Shred. My friend says it kicks her ass and that’s what I’m needing right about now.

  3. SEXY! not only does the dress hug your curves, it seems that Adam enjoys taking pics of them! That is the perfect shade of blue too ❤

  4. woooo lovely lady! PERFECT dress on you!

  5. just found your blog! love your style! this dress is adorable.

  6. As already noted by the others, this dress looks AMAZING on you!

  7. This dress is pure perfection on you.

  8. YEOW!! I’m am SO glad you got this dress, woman! You look fantastic. And amen about dressing the hourglass. I love it, too, though I have to admit I’m a bit envious of how incredibly svelte you look here. *sigh* Adam is a lucky man!

  9. Hubba hubba! You look stellar!

    I’m so excited about Deathly Hallows! I’m working in numerous HP references into my witchcraft lecture today! Whee!!

  10. I want that dress! It is so beautiful! And you look amazing in it! You look so beautiful!

  11. You look smoking hot! Wow! I hope Adam appreciated it! You should wear this dress whenever you need to get something out of him.

  12. sexy lady!

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