Round-Up: XLIX

Mmm pasta. Orechiette with pink cream sauce.

Sweets: light pumpkin dip. Ooh with gingerbread!

Was going to do a post on cozy sweaters I’m lusting after, but this post is awesome enough! Love the elbow patches and tab closures.

Lots of pretty leaves. Oh, Autumn. You’re gorgeous.

Mallory hosted “book week” on her blog last week and it was aweomse. Some favorite posts: children’s books, fun covers, illustrations (+ more!),

Adorable wedding favor: DIY pie in a jar. +Beautiful love-letter inspired invitations.

Lots and lots of scones. I’d prioritize peach jam and nectarine!

Gotta love Kendi’s post on breaking rules.

Photographic games with the moon. Definitely lovely.


~ by Elena Marie on November 17, 2010.

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