Mixed Messages: November 16th, 2010

Event: Work

Outfit: Button-down & one-shouldered dress: The Limited; Olive green tights: Hue; Boots: Diba; Belt: Forever 21

To me, this look reads as half badass, half lady. Structured top with rough lookin’ boots (& green legs) paired with a flouncy skirt and ruffled front. I’ve experimented with layering shirts/shorter dresses over this dress a few times recently (see my first day of work), as—-on its own—-it’s never going to be a work appropriate item. But its length certainly is! This might not be my favorite look in the world, but, well it worked. Got me through my Tuesday and allowed me to work with kids (and play with the puppy!). Sometimes that’s all I ask.

Will keep this short; need to get my booty in gear and get to bed by 11pm. Meetings are on the agenda tomorrow and then a trip to Madison for a very late show o’ HP and a viewing of Anna’s completed portfolio! The movies always disappoint me (was re-watching Half-Blood Prince earlier this week and was just…mad), but I can NEVER resist seeing them. The preview does look awesome. But, um, I’ve been listening to Deathly Hallows every day and, let’s face, no movie can come anywhere near the brilliance of Ms. Rowling. Not even close.

Nerdy rant over (really, if this was real life I would go on forever. Don’t get me started on the burning of The Burrow and the lack of petrificus totalis at the top of the tower. GAHHH).

Happy happy almost weekend! One week until turkey day. Or, in my case, Guinness day? Jameson? Bangers and mash?


~ by Elena Marie on November 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “Mixed Messages: November 16th, 2010”

  1. Dude… I know. About Harry. I haven’t re-watched HPB since seeing it in the theater, even though I own it. I have a feeling that this, of course, will fall short of any HP7 brilliance (which is expected when books get turned into movies) but I am hoping that it is still a beautifully produced movie and that the acting, action, etc. are grand. At this point, I think it’s best to go into these movies with that thought. Order of the Phoenix was by far the best, in my opinion, at following that actual story. Even though it, too, fell short. And I am done. 🙂 Because I will go on forever… Hehehe.

  2. I actually saw it last night, and it’s my favorite movie since the 3rd. Since they split it into 2 movies they actually have time to go into a lot more detail then just moving the plot along. I hope you like it!

  3. Ooh, Arwen! I want one! A dog, that is, not an Arwen, as that would be stealing. 🙂 Love your lady/badass combo here, especially the belt.

  4. I like that button-up has a little personality to it with those ruffles. Plus, the use of the dress as a skirt is always a great choice!

    The Auspicious Life

  5. I found you through Anthroholic’s reader outfits. I thought I’d chance being creepy, de-lurk and say hi. I was really surprised to see a fellow Lz-ian on the internet, but I guess it really is a small world.

  6. Yes, this is rad. The ruffles, the belt, the boots. Looking damn cool.

    And honestly, though I’m always disappointed by the movies, I can still watch them over and over. I just find them so visually beautiful. And it indulges my desire to be Hermione.

  7. HATE the lack of petrificus totalis….like Harry would just stand there on his own….???? haha 🙂

  8. I’m totally in love with this look. I really like the bottom half in particular. I like the soft skirt with the tights and boots!

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