Harry Potter & The Scarf: November 19th, 2010

Event: Heading to Madison to see Harry Potter with Anna and Adam!

Outfit: Long-sleeved tee: Gap; Lace skirt: Target; Scarf: courtesy of Lara Miller; Boots: Steve Madden; Tights: H&M?

Last week, all the bloggers who attended the September meet-up were lucky enough to receive a Lara Miller scarf in the mail! I was very pleasantly surprised to receive something so cozy and beautiful. Having attended Lara’s sale in July, I know her pieces are out of my price range (but such great quality!), and couldn’t imagine what we would receive. This is nothing short of awesome. According to my sister, who interned for Lara Miller this summer (and loved it), these scarves were originally made for a Lexus event that was later canceled. Lexus’s loss is our incredible gain! Lisa posted that these will be available for sale very soon on Lara’s site! I’d highly recommend it. I wore this to work on Friday with jeans/cardigan, to the movie as shown above, and the next day for a very casual drive back to Milwaukee.

(Side note: I already knew my sister is in the video for one of Lara’s sweaters, but after stalking the website today I saw that she’s also the model for the awesome bamboo necklaces Lara makes!)

We wanted to go to Madison on the 19th a) to see Anna’s completed portfolio (AMAZING. She won a “portfolio of distinction” award because she just plain rocks) and b) enjoy Harry Potter with one of my favorite fellow nerds. We all liked the movie! I’ll admit that I am very critical of the movies, but—-while I couldn’t help but complain a bit—I mostly just got to enjoy this one. I especially loved all the opening scenes. So much exact, original dialogue from the book included. Well played, Muggles. Well played.

I really am amazed I don’t own any HP apparel. Not even a Gryffindor scarf. Sadness. Seeing my hair post-movie I announced that at least I was rockin’ bushy Hermione hair.

P.S. HP7:I opened on my 24.5th birthday 😉 25 is approaching quickly…

Intern scarf approval 😉

Finally saw an HP movie together!

Hi again, scarf, for a casual morning. 🙂


~ by Elena Marie on November 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Harry Potter & The Scarf: November 19th, 2010”

  1. I landed here via Sidewalk Chic and so glad I did. Love love love that lace skirt matched with your stripey top. I think a lace skirt is going to be one of my first purchases after the remix. Looking forward to more of your outfits.

  2. HP was awesome!!! I’m loving the scarf. Hope you’re having fun overseas!

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