Ladies Who Lunch: December 11th, 2010

Friends: Katherine, Natalie, Sarah

Event(s): SURPRISE lunch with some of my favorite ladies, Adam’s work party

Outfit: Perthshire dress: Anthropologie; Tights: Simply Vera (gift); Cardigan: Express; Pin: Dublin purchase; Boots: Diba; Heeled brogues: Payless

I have awesome friends.

Seriously. AWESOME.

Apparently my friends/former grad school classmates had been scheming with Adam to drive up from Chicago to surprise me for a celebratory lunch. They completely succeeded! There’s a photo on Sarah’s camera with me opening the door, mouth open wiiiide in shock. Adam had to tell approximately one million white lies to have me dressed/ready for lunch (which also involved him rescheduling a venue tour without my knowledge…clever boy) on Saturday, but it was a SUCCESS. Natalie even covered the peephole in the door when they knocked; I’m surprised I even opened it. Such sneaky, fabulous people in my life!

Sarah, Natalie, and Katherine took me out for lunch at Swig, which I’m always excited to introduce to out of town friends as I LOVE it. We started off with a round of mimosas, enjoyed tempura snap peas, and then I went for a turkey burger w/asparagus florentine soup. A trip to the cupcake company was, obviously, also necessary for coffee + sweets. I really don’t have many girlfriends in Milwaukee, so a visit from some of my favorites was perfect. Sharing wedding plans (+bachelorette party scheming!) and catching up on life…all good things.

Along with Jenna, who currently lives in Texas, the ladies also gave us a gift certificate to Fred Astaire for dance lessons! We are comin’ for you, first dance. Adios, 8th-grade-dance-hug-and-sway.

It was kind of a rockin’ Saturday. After they left Adam and I toured the Iron Horse (which we loved, but we may have found a different winner! Details soon!) and then enjoyed tonnnns of desserts and beverages at his work party.

Time to get movin’—tomorrow’s my last day of work before BREAK. We’ve been so busy that I volunteered to bring bottled water to the holiday potluck. I know. My KitchenAid mixer is crying on the inside.

P.S. I couldn’t resist stalking the sales rack when I got back from Ireland. This dress was ONLY left in my size. Fate. Purchased. End o’ story.


~ by Elena Marie on December 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ladies Who Lunch: December 11th, 2010”

  1. That dress is stunning! I love the asymetric cut and the dark plaid. It’s holiday perfection!

  2. Aw you all look so pretty! I SO wish I could have been there; stupid expensive weekend holiday time flights! I’m so glad the surprise was successful and I’m super excited to hear about wedding plans, especially this awesome bachelorette partay!

  3. How fun! Girlfriends are the best.
    The dress is fantastic too!

  4. hoorah!

  5. What a wonderful surprise! How awesome are your friends!?! And husband to be, of course!

  6. […] some of the 25-lb-weight-loss pounds decided they wanted a reunion), stalk sales at Anthropologie, reunite with my girlfriends (now scattered across IL and the globe), expand my culinary repertoire, and meet […]

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