Weekend Update.

Break has been off to a different start than expected. We headed down to Chicago Friday night for Laura’s 25th birthday party (anyone else craving her sequined JCrew jacket to an unhealthy degree?!). While we were originally supposed to head back to Milwaukee that night, we had decided to stay over and head to St. Louis the next morning for our friend Mallory’s mom’s funeral. Carpooling with our friends Melissa & Brad, we all road-tripped there and back in the same day. Adam and I powered through to make it back to Milwaukee last “night” at 4AM and slept in a lot this morning. After surprising a childhood friend at brunch today (her family was getting brunch 2 blocks away from us!), I’m planning to chill to the max the rest of the day. Bacon, pancakes, and coffee have just been consumed and I’m feeling much more awake. Time for blogging, working out, Christmas movies, and…pizza?

Chicago bloggers—I hope the meet-up rocked! I missed you ladies and can’t wait to see photos.


~ by Elena Marie on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Weekend Update.”

  1. Awe we missed you, but sounds like you had a busy and eventful weekend. Enjoy your Sunday! XO

  2. yes i was going to say i love that sequined jacket!

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