Christmas Eve: December 24th, 2010

Event: Christmas Eve w/Adam’s dad’s side o’ the family

Outfit: Black tee: Old Navy; Lost Time Skirt: Anthropologie; Maroon tights: We Love Colors; Boots: Diba; Necklace: H&M

Every time I wear this skirt I wish I had basic tees in more colors. I wind up pairing it with black and white a whole lot. I was lovin’ the maroon tights with it, though. Little extra ZING. I felt like the necklace made things a bit more festive.

We journeyed to the suburbs (basically where I work, so I actually offered to drive ;)) on Christmas Eve for Part I of Adam’s family’s Christmas. It pretty much always involves good food and the young folks making me feel incompetent with their Wii. No worries, this is not a sign of my advanced age (ha. ha. ha). I’ve never owned a gaming system in my life (I know, we like READ BOOKS and BUILT FORTS and stuff). The fact that I can turn on the XBox/Kinect now and use them is still awesomely shocking to me. I can even usually sign in my own Rock Band guitar now (okay, perhaps with some assistance).

No, but seriously. Not having cable or video games growing up sometimes makes me feel like I’m missing out on all early 90s inside jokes. HAHAHAHA SALUTE YOUR SHORTS. MARIOKART. CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. Wait. WHAT?

Anywho. It was nice to see extended family for the first time since our engagement. Lots o’ congratulations and welcome to the family-s. And green bean casserole, which I will never, ever turn down.

We made it back to Milwaukee to do some last minute present wrapping and gift opening. Opening one gift on Christmas Eve = new tradition. It’s been fun consciously noting what will perhaps be “our” traditions. But we’ll probably be on our honeymoon next Christmas Eve, so…Christmas Eve 2012…get ready to be filled to the brim with traditions! Getting soup & sandwiches from the local market before heading off to the family feast is another one we’re trying out. Yum.

Going to sleep with my fiance’ and puppy and waking up together on Christmas Day = a win and probably one of the biggest markers of being grown-ups/a new little family. It was definitely bittersweet to miss my family’s morning-present-opening traditions for the first time, but being in Milwaukee felt right.

I hope your Christmas Eve rocked!



~ by Elena Marie on December 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Christmas Eve: December 24th, 2010”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Xmas eve. I loved how you referenced some of my fave 90s shows, but I had no idea you grew up without watching them. We’ll have to get you the DVDs 🙂

  2. such great photos of your tree…my nephew challenged me at Wii bowling and kicked my butt!!
    I love your skirt!!

  3. Jonathan and I are trying to find out what new traditions will be ours. Each of us want to bring in a thing or two from our family’s (like, my polish feast and Jonathan’s soup du jour on Christmas eve and Christmas day, respectively). We have decided that as long as we are living in California, a trip to San Francisco is a must in the days before Christmas. We threw around some other ideas, too.

    And AMEN about the no cable. We had a Super Nintendo, but none of the other stuff (Playstation, XBox, Sega, N64, etc. etc.) so we had SOME of those moments, but when our SNES broke we never replaced it. But, no cable, for the most part no gaming system. Remember going in the woods behind your house… NOW THAT IS ADVENTURE!

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