Pop the Bubbly: December 31st, 2010

Event: New Year’s Eve!

Outfit: Ruffled dress: 5 Hearts Boutique; Necklace & clutch: H&M; Tights: Simply Vera (gift); Heeled brogues: Payless

Happy 2011!

I nabbed this dress at a new-ish boutique in our neighborhood last month. I decided that, if it was not prudent to spend more $$ on a NYE dress, this would be the one. I’m glad I went with it! I love love love the central ruffles that go past the hemline—so unique! I won’t claim it was cheap, but I deemed the $80 pricetag reasonable (originally $130). I was pleasantly surprised to find items in the store that were in my budget (…especially on the sales rack!). I vamped up the eyeliner for the occasion and played with some lip color. Typically NYE is a “hair down and straight” occasion for me, but the necklace and ruffles made me throw the hair into a bun at the last minute.

Any holiday that involves an excuse to glam it up is A-OK in my book!

After dropping Arwen off and enjoying dinner with his parents, Adam and I headed into Chicago to Sarah’s and Katherine’s beautiful Lakeview apartment. Much wine, beer, & champagne were enjoyed, Apples to Apples was played, pizza was ordered, midnight kisses with my fiance’ were had. Typically we spend NYE with Adam’s friends, so I was very grateful to see some of my favorite ladies (and still get to enjoy dinner with Adam’s friends tonight!). I’ve already offered to host two years from now, wherever we’re living. I love throwin’ a good party, and I’d love for both of us to get to see our friends. It’s moving up on my “preferred holidays” list, even though I tend to feel pretty iffy on January 1st. Oh well. I worked out yesterday. I prepare for my calorie-rich, dehydrating decisions. 😉

Time to relax on the pentultimate evening o’ winter break. Trying to forget I have work Monday. Hoping you had a wonderful, glamorous (or cozy) NYE with those you love! Here’s to rocking 2011!

Janelle (Adam's sister) + us!


Only NYE enfianced!


This is how we pose naturally. Apparently.


All the ladies: Natalie, Jenna, Sarah, Andrea, Katherine, Me


~ by Elena Marie on January 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Pop the Bubbly: December 31st, 2010”

  1. i love that dress! you and adam look sharp!

  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous and I love how you styled it. Happy New Year!

  3. Amazingness!!! The outfit and the pictures are completely beautiful. I am seriously drooling over that dress. You accessorized perfectly…Fabulous! Now let me go wipe up this puddle…

  4. You guys look awesome! I love that dress!

  5. Such a beautiful dress…you look amazing!!

  6. […] dress has previously only been a witness to fancy occasions (NYE last year, night out in Vegas), so I figured it was time for it to experience the 9-5 (or, er, 7:30-3 ;-D) […]

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