Day One: January 1st, 2011

Event: Brunch & dinner with friends in Chicagoland

Outfit: Coat: Express (whoops missing button!); Tee & jeans: Gap; Necklace & hat: H&M; Boots: Steve Madden

Woke up on January 1st a bit hungover & tired, but definitely ready to start 2011. Adam and I bid adieu to my friends and headed off to meet Jordan, one of the other SLPs at work (and my CFY supervisor). She suggested Stella’s Diner, which was DELICIOUS and full of very fun decor. We have to go back and take advtange of its BYOB status! Champagne was poppin’ all over the place. I’ll admit that I just wanted coffee on the beverage front (…and a milkshake, but restrained myself). While we grab lunch at work a lot together, it was nice to actually meet up outside of school! Glad she got to meet Adam.

We lounged in suburbia for a bit, watching Modern Family re-runs with Adam’s sister, before meeting up with Adam’s friends for dinner. He still has a pretty big friend group from high school/college, so it’s always great to see them. My friends are from all different things/times in my life (childhood, undergrad, study abroad, grad school, band, etc), so I’ve rarely had the “big group” experience. ‘Tis nice. 🙂

Re: this outfit, I am not typically a hat person. I never wear them, regardless of weather. I bought this one at H&M downtown last week, and—while probably not especially warming—I’m likin’ it so far. Adam deemed me “cute” in it, so that’s a plus. 😉 I could definitely use some weekend hair-covering tools. Loved rewearing my sparkly necklace from NYE on New Year’s Day. Here’s to glammin’ up basic tees in 2011.

Alright, it’s January 2nd. Time to get my booty down to the treadmill. I’ll confess I’m a bit scared to step on a scale after the past few weeks, but the working out hasn’t stopped, so I need to realize it’ll be fine. My mom noted that I really can’t lose much weight or I won’t fit in my wedding dress (which is rather demotivating). But a potential honeymoon in Hawaii is motivating. DILEMMA. I think for now I’ll shoot for a more toned version of me with a healthy heart to go with her.

Happy 1st-Sunday-of-2011!


~ by Elena Marie on January 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Day One: January 1st, 2011”

  1. You do look adorable in the hat! And I love that jacket, missing button and all. And you will get to have a big group get together for not only your wedding but bachelorette and bridal parties! It will be AMAZING!

  2. I like the hat and it’s a surprise that even the fridgid weather doesn’t get you to wear one more often. Also a day of Modern Family re-runs sounds like heaven. Cam is my favorite character!

  3. yeah i like your hat too! i think i might have been to stella’s … do they promote their lasagna?

  4. You look awesome here! Love the coat and the jeans. Happy New Year to you!

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