Back to Work (+ Cheese): January 3rd, 2011

Event: Work, dentist, Anna’s wine/cheese soiree

Outfit: Fragmented Pipevines dress: Anthropologie; Tights: Simply Vera (gift); Boots: Diba; Cardigan: Express; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace: Urban Outfitters (gift)

I’ll keep this brief as all available brain power was obviously required to go back to work after 2 whole weeks off. Any remaining energy was spent looking like a fool as my sister was captain o’ the camera (see photos below).

Work was fine (it was very nice to see co-workers and sweet kids again!). Adam sweetly pre-programmed the coffeemaker to save my booty in the morning…oh, 5:30AM, it’s been awhile. After work I rushed to my dentist appointment, which was all good (my teeth are pretty boring, which is excellent, especially as my dental insurance does not rock), and then headed home to begin celebrating Anna’s 21st! She’s had friends over all evening for an amazing spread of wine and cheese (they’re still downstairs; I’m taking a breather…literally can’t stop eating when those yummies are in front of me)…and—-soon to come—-fondue! I definitely need to ruthlessly copy this for my next birthday. It’s awesome.

Yay for Anna being legal. For one thing, my bachelorette party would be sad if she wasn’t! It’s just so hard to process that she’s so grown-up (and sophisticated, kind, genius). And it’s 2011. And I’m almost 25. Eeks! Eh, it’s all good. I don’t really have “getting older freak-outs”. I’m pretty much exactly where I want to be in life. 🙂

Happy, happy 21st, Annster! You rock.


~ by Elena Marie on January 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Back to Work (+ Cheese): January 3rd, 2011”

  1. aw, YAY for sisters being 21! mine just turned 21 last year…nice to finally have “legal” fun together 🙂

  2. thanks elena 🙂

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