Pajama Chic: January 11th, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Shirt-dress: Gap; Leggings: Gap Outlet; Sweater vest: H&M; Boots: Steve Madden; Belt: ? (Found in my closet at parents’ house)

Last week my co-worker mentioned that she just wanted to be comfortable, so essentially wore “pajamas” to work. By this she just meant that she wore leggings and a comfy tee, but the result was definitely chic and work-appropriate when a belt + cardigan were added to the mix. I decided to give the leggings a chance with this supposed-dress-really-tunic I’ve had for years. I liked the result.

I’m very, very sleepy due to a long day and a glass o’ red wine with my filet mignon dinner (merci, Adam!) so I’ll just say HAPPY WEDNESDAY and wish you a great second half of the week. Any exciting MLK, Jr. Day plans on the horizon? We’re pondering a little ski trip…

P.S. My sister won a $25,000 scholarship last night and, no, I cannot stop bragging about it. Check out a video clip of her on the red carpet here!

Super serious style blogger pose…and Arwen. 😉


~ by Elena Marie on January 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “Pajama Chic: January 11th, 2011”

  1. This definitely doesn’t look like pjs but does look super comfy and cute. Goodnight!

  2. Yay Anna! That girl is such a rock star.

    Oh, and I adore your pajama-wear. You still look so totally chic!

  3. This looks is win! I love the shirt dress with the long cozy cardigan!. Perfect layers. Congrats to your sister!!!!!

    PS- This week I’ve been at stuck at home with snow! We’re on snow day #4 for six inches of snow. Crazy. However, I typically get up at 4:45 AM to run. It’s insane, but it makes me feel good! Also, I think the work out pants are almost out of stock, but I highly recommend REI for clothes. If anything ever happens (holes, weird shrinking) OR if you wear it to work out and you hate it, they will return it with no questions asked! 🙂

  4. I love this! You’ve inspired me to grab a shirt-dress.

  5. thanks! love your outfit, elena!

  6. […] look very much resembles last week’s Pajama Chic ensemble, but hey…different dress, different […]

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