Flashy: January 11th, 2010

Event: Trivia Tuesday & experimenting with Adam’s new camera gear

Outfit: Maxi dress: Gap; Cardigan: JCrew Factory Store; Belt: ?; Scarf: Street vendor, Verona; Boots: Steve Madden; Hat: H&M; Leggings: Gap Outlet

Adam got a new lighting kit AND a tilt-shift lens this week, so he shot some photos of me before/after Trivia Night to play with his new toys (you can read more details on his blog if you’re so inclined!). He get so, so giddy with new photo gear, which is pretty adorable/awesome (adoresome?) to see. Normally Adam does not use a flash, so it’s a whole new ballgame!

I wanted to wear something new and a bit unique in honor of the new photog arrivals…and does it not feel all hipster-y once again?! Must be the hat. After hearing some hipster stereotypes of sorts, I’d just like to warn you that I don’t know anything at all about cool music/art, I rarely ride a bicycle, I’ve never smoked, and I’m just fine admitting I like Coldplay (see this rather amusing & confusing Wikipedia entry). But I’ll keep enjoying this hat and voluminous maxi dress.

Signing off for now. Friday doth approacheth, gentle readers!

P.S. Finally wearing this maxi dress in chilly temps was definitely inspired by Kyla’s maxi skirt feature. Good stuff.

Behind the scenes: Yawning and puppies


~ by Elena Marie on January 13, 2011.

7 Responses to “Flashy: January 11th, 2010”

  1. I like the maxi dress! I had not been convinced of the aesthetic of the maxi dress until your post, now I like it.

    PS I love the picture of Arwen in the chair. So cute. It reminds me of my dog when I was a kid. : )

  2. Wow that is a great affect! I can see why he’d be excited about the new equipment. The outfit is lovely, I love long skirts all year round, they seem so elegant. And your dog is beautiful/cute, as always. =)

  3. Well you know, a key component of being a hipster is denying that you are one 😉

  4. Belting a scarf! Awesome!

  5. Um, YES. I love how you’ve styled the maxidress for winter. Kyla totally inspired me, too, and I busted mine out this weekend. I love the colors here, and Adam’s new equipment looks awesome!

  6. i love this outfit! and i went to my first trivia night last night- it was so hard! i need to start watching the news, haha.

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