Dudes, I skied and lived to tell the tale! I only fell TWICE! And I got off the chairlift successfully every time. BOO YEAH. I did not even attempt to go beyond the beginner slopes, but I’m deeming the day a win.  Having experienced skiers around was definitely a huge help! Adam and I stuck together all day as we worked on snaking down the slopes aka controlling our speed, which was a lot of fun. Gotta love a ski date. Note: Fellow SLPs/those against traumatic brain injuries (everyone, raise your hands!), you’ll be pleased to know I splurged for a helmet rental.

We wound up heading up to the lake house earlier than expected—-which meant spending two nights there instead of one! Definitely a good choice. The five of us played many games (Guesstures & Catchphrase were featured), drank lots of beer, and baked many a frozen pizza. I took everyone to experience my favorite local, small town diner this morning….such yummy hash browns (and locally made jam!).

Enough talk—-onto the visuals! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Here’s wishing us all luck heading back to work…I’m busy having unhealthy-sure-to-be-disappointed snow day fantasies.


~ by Elena Marie on January 17, 2011.

9 Responses to “BeerSki.”

  1. sounds like so much fun – and congrats on only falling twice, huge effort! i miss skiing, haven’t been in the longest time

  2. sounds fun!! proud of you for skiing it up! ill have to try it sometime. and hooray for that diner, sooo yummy.

  3. oooo hash browns!!! that sounds so good! loved that diner 🙂 and the lake house of course!

  4. Great pics! The only time I ever went skiing was cross-country skiing and of course I injured myself. However, I plan on trying it at least once in my lifetime.

  5. yay! glad you did well and have no injuries!

    i took mark up to granite peak for a long weekend for his 30th bday a few years back. i hadnt been skiing in years. i didnt want to to anything but the bunny hill, but after a few hours, he convinced me that if i stayed on the lift, there was one more hill that would be safe for me to ski down.

    WRONG. next stop = black diamond! i am a TOTAL wimp and there is only one way down! it was TERRIFYING up there! i walked the whole way down….crying. it was so scary! we laugh about it now, haha!

  6. I love the picture of you and Arwen sleeping together. So cute!

  7. I am terrified that I’ll break a leg if I try to ski. I’m hopelessly uncoordinated.

    It looks like you had an amazing weekend!

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