Simple: January 19th, 2011

Event: Work, errands

Outfit: Argyle cardigan: Target (gift); Blue tank: Old Navy; Pants: Gap; Brooch: Ireland; Boots: Diba

Not the most thrilling outfit in the world, and perhaps it’s one I would’ve skipped posting in the past. I think my medical internship this summer made me more willing to post even the outfits that stuck to a very basic formula: sweater + dress pants. E. of academichic posted yesterday about sometimes needing outfits to work for the task at hand, even if they’re not about to revolutionize style blogging  (I think she looked insanely chic, so I’m not making that comparison…but the general message resonated with me!). This is not an outfit that’ll stick out in my mind by any means, but it took me through a long day while allowing me to feel like myself. Belts & brooches always help.

I think working out regularly (on top of my usual less-than-6-hours o’ sleep) has been making me extra sleepy lately. Time to get my act together for tomorrow, read, and zonk out. I didn’t even make my way over to the cookie dough or book last night (SAD FACE). Don’t worry, though—the sugar cookie dough and I were reunited roughly the moment I entered the apartment tonight. And then I bought a lot of veggies and worked out, so…baby steps.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll keep exercising, but any road leading me away from cookie dough is going to remain a road less traveled…the carrots can stay, though.


~ by Elena Marie on January 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “Simple: January 19th, 2011”

  1. Yes, I totally agree. Sometimes, a bit utilitarian is totally essential (though, to be fair, I think you look totally chic in this, too). I adore the addition of the belt and brooch!

  2. Argyle! Any outfit with argyle is a winner in my book. ❤

    I definitely get what you're saying about not posting the more "meh" outfits. I've found that not posting them means that in my head I have a stratification of outfits "blogworthy to less blogworthy." If I let myself classify outfits like that, then I become uber lazy and don't try to make most of my outfits interesting. On the other hand if I force myself to post all or almost all my outfits, then I *have* to make sure that they're worth posting, that they're interesting. Of course some are still less than stellar, but such is life.

  3. I also sometimes question posting my basic work outfits…but that is what you have to wear that day. I love the pin and belt, they add some fun to the outfit!

  4. I had a day like that today, too. I thought my outfit today was pretty boring in theory, but it turned out to be one of my favorites recently. It was easy but still looked put together. Definitely worth blogging about the seemingly “meh” outfits.

  5. Great brooch! I love seeing outfits that people consider to be pretty basic, especially when they tell you that’s what they think of their outfit. Different people have different ideas of what’s basic, and I get a kick out of seeing those differences on people’s blogs too, just like with E. (I remember that post) and you today.

  6. Argyle? YES PLEASE. And a fancy brooch? Another YES PLEASE. We all have days where we can’t put on our prettiest dresses or pull on our best tall boots, but they’re still days worth remembering. And yipes, I hear you on the working out after WORK and blehhh… I’m ready for the weekend, too. Have a good one!

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