Cold Galleries: January 21st, 2011

Event: Gallery Night (in very, very cold weather)

Outfit: Black cardigan: Simply Vera (gift); Black tee: Old Navy; Belt: Forever 21; Leggings: Gap Outlet; Boots: Steve Madden; Scarf: Street vendor in Verona; Hat: H&M

Confessions: A) I like this outfit. B) I liked it so much that I wore almost the exact same ensemble the next day.

I get all ridiculously giddy anytime I blog about Gallery Night, so you may already know that I’m a fan. It’s the cheapest date night in the world, and one of the most fun. We typically do end the night with pizza at Rustico’s (which is not a freebie), but the wine, cheese, cupcakes, and tons o’ art before that? Gratis, baby. I love Milwaukee.

The temps felt subzero on Friday, so the black puffer coat and wool gloves were a must (see final photo). I’m so grateful for this coat. I held out on a puffy, FUNCTIONAL coat for so long…but it’s just necessary. And I actually don’t find it to be all that hideous. The sweater layer is just the best (it’s very close to this coat, but I got it at the end of last season for $90ish). And, yes, wearing a hat is growing on me. I doubt this one adds mass amounts of warmth, but it helps. And it allows me to deem braided pigtails an appropriate hairstyle off the ski slopes (or so I’ve decided).

When I repeated this outfit on Saturday, it was to grab lunch with my parents and then to meet our photographer! We got the contract today and are filling it out/handing it back in ASAP. I am so, so happy with our choice! Looking forward to amazing photos. And now need to start pondering engagement shoot ideas…


~ by Elena Marie on January 24, 2011.

9 Responses to “Cold Galleries: January 21st, 2011”

  1. Mmm, pizza…

    Also! I love this outfit. SO much. The dark colors, the fabulous pops of olive green, and those perfect pigtails make it so great! Definitely a fave.

  2. I do like that outfit. It all fits together so nicely! Looking good!

  3. I love this outfit on you! The mix of neutrals with the pops of green are just gorgeous!

  4. I wish we had Gallery Nights here…well maybe we do and I just don’t know about it. I love this outfit and wish I got that skirt in green. 😦

  5. I love the mix of olive and black!

  6. This looks great and like you can comfortably yet stylishly go from gallery to gallery. I miss going to events like that. Glad you had fun (and free cupcakes)!

  7. I didn’t expect to love the mix of olive and black here like I am. Thanks for the inspiration!

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