Bye, Sin City.

Milwaukee welcomed me back from Vegas with a very threatening blizzard forecast (the alert uses the phrase “potentially life threatening” driving conditions…joy)…and also the guarantee of a half-day of work tomorrow! I was sad to leave our very awesome hotel room behind (seriously…the bed was AMAZING. As was the jacuzzi. And dishwasher) and bid adieu to Adam. I think I was just beginning to grasp Blackjack. Ah, such is life.

A few photos from our first night in Vegas are above—many more to come, including the outfit photos trapped on Adam’s camera. Overall, I am definitely a fan of Vegas—and the Hoover Dam!—and would like to return. I could definitely do without the passing-out of escort cards in the streets and the smoking in the casinos, but otherwise…an excellent, fun time. It was such a great, much-needed mini vacation with my guy (January has felt like it was just dragggggging). It was really nice getting to know Adam’s co-workers better, especially while enjoying delicious food, drink, and entertainment. I’m all for any trip that feels like an extended date night. Note to self for next time: buy sexy heels that are somehow super comfortable (do these truly exist? must research).

Stay warm & safe, everyone!


~ by Elena Marie on January 31, 2011.

6 Responses to “Bye, Sin City.”

  1. ahhhh looks so fun!

  2. Looks & sounds like a great time. Happy you’re back, stay warm.

  3. Ooh, sounds like you had a blast! Stay warm this week; it’s gonna be a doozy…

  4. Your hotel room looks amazing! Welcome back to the midwest…here is the storm of the century!

  5. so cool! ive only been to the airport in vegas. be sure arwen is snuggling you and keepin ya warm! 🙂

  6. […] with Adam & Arwen), began my first job as a GROWN-UP, traveled to Ireland, got engaged, took a mini-trip to Vegas, began planning a wedding. Along the way I continued to work out (though some of the […]

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