Snow Day Approacheth.

Check out my partner in crime—I’m not alone in wanting some coziness with a view of the snow. Missed my cutie in Vegas, though my parents awesomely spoiled her to death…we have a lot to live up to (multiple trips to the dog park, a bazillion morning and afternoon walks, games of fetch in the basement, etc). I think my dad, somewhat surprisingly, is a bit smitten with Ms. Arwen. He called this afternoon to check on how she transitioned back to Milwaukee.

Snow Day is official tomorrow! It seemed like a pretty big DUH after reading the warnings, and continues to appear very necessary while watching the great outdoors. Currently the snow itself isn’t so terrifying to me, but the intense wind is alarming. Drifts galore are in our future! Let’s see how many inches we wind up with.

Stay warm & safe and—-if you’re like me—-uncork some wine, read a good book, and catch up on your TV/Netflix. EMBRACE THE SNOW DAY, AWESOME PEOPLE.



~ by Elena Marie on February 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “Snow Day Approacheth.”

  1. Apparently I am like you because after I catch up my blog reading I’m heading over to the couch with some red wine and Coco Before Chanel—my latest Netflix delivery.
    Happy Snow Day!

  2. awwww!!!!! so cute! sleep in and drink lots of coffee tomorrow! 🙂

  3. we are stuck in it too…the crazy wind is really scary, it it snowing sideways!

  4. Who wouldn’t be smitten with Arwen?

  5. […] Snow Day Approacheth […]

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