Snow Day The First.

So, SNOW DAY NUMERO UNO. I slept in a bit and then ventured out into the craziness with Ms. Arwen. Oh, did I mention that my power went out from 12am-3am? And that it was kinda terrifying (I’ll admit to getting a little paranoid in the moment, but stumbling down the darkened staircase at midnight to take your puppy out and having zero visibility except for seeing one lone man standing in the snowy, windy streets perhaps make you think WOW WOULD IT BE EASY TO COMMIT CRIMES RIGHT NOW)? In any case, we survived just fine and enjoyed the day.

Watched some TV, went on a snowy adventure walk with Arwen (I donned my Hunter wellies and dove right into the snow with her), read Water for Elephants on the Nook, spent 3.5 hours at Charlie’s with Michael drinking beer and eating filets, made some haphazard/butterless peanut butter cookie dough, did some laundry. Overall it’s been a relaxing, enjoyable snow day. Tomorrow I’m hoping for a bit more cleaning and a lot more reading. I’ll admit to being pretty sad that my guy is states away, but oh well. Maybe someday we’ll get our mutual snow day/ power outage. FOREVER should offer quite a few chances.

I hope you stayed warm and safe today! And perhaps also indulged in a cookie dough craving? 😉

P.S. I called Adam after getting in from the bar today, and just after hearing my “hi” he goes “Is someone drunk? I know that hello.” I love him.


~ by Elena Marie on February 2, 2011.

12 Responses to “Snow Day The First.”

  1. oh dude – be safe! i am such a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff – i always assume the worst. which, i think is good so you’re aware of your surroundings and on alert. i sound like a mom, haha! but im sure arwen would protect you from any harm!!!

  2. that last p.s. made my heart melt. It’s perfect how well he knows you.

    I wish I had another snow day tomorrow, since today didn’t really feel like one since it was spent shoveling and in pain from shoveling.

  3. You know it’s true love when a “hi” is all a person needs to know everything about your day. *sigh*

    My snow day also involved tramping around, delicious food (hearty soup and yummy pancakes), and general “Whoa, this could be dangerous but is still awesome”ness. Glad you enjoyed the respite, too!

  4. Sounds like an almost-perfect snow day. Your photos of Arwen in the snow are adorable. Stay warm!

  5. Aren’t snow days the best?! I’d love to have another one. Stay warm!

  6. Nothing like a few beers to make a snow day more bearable…looks like you guys got almost as much as Chicago!

  7. LOL “Is someone drunk?” Ha. Good way to spend a snow day.

    Snow Day 2 will be my cookie day. Chocolate cookies, here I come!

  8. You and Adam are so freaking cute!

    Hope you got Arwen all tired out in the snow. Its one of my favorite parts of snow days, tiring out the pup.

    Good thing you stayed safe. Stay warm!

  9. Arwen is the cutest thing ever. Oh snow days…. we don’t get those anymore.

    • Almost all businesses got one, too! But yeah…when you move to CA I think you’re out of luck 😉

  10. SNOW DAY!!! Glad you guys had fun!

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