That Dam Tour.

Our guide made a whole lot of dam(n) jokes, and I honestly did not tire of them. Good stuff.

So on Sunday we were lucky enough to hitch a ride with one of Adam’s co-workers, Jeff (+ his parents & his wife, Cat), to the Hoover Dam. We left the city o’ sin behind for a few hours and got to experience an ENGINEERING MARVEL. Which, yep, it truly is. We took the extended tour so that the engineers had the chance to ask all their nerdy questions, and I’m glad we did. Catching the view from inside the dam looking out was pretty darn awesome. Realizing how much work went into making everything around you is mind-blowing. Most horrifying thing learned during the trip? If a worker died off-site (aka…on the ride to the hospital, as many did), his family did not receive any death benefits. Not cool, federal government.

We got called out  (in good fun) when we paid for our tour- tickets separately. Oh, (upcoming) marriage and money. Am curious (if you feel like sharing)—-when did you jut start throwing all your money in one pot? What works for you and your partner?


~ by Elena Marie on February 2, 2011.

9 Responses to “That Dam Tour.”

  1. We each have our own credit and debit cards, and checking and savings accounts. But we also have a joint savings account that we each put money into each month. Plus, we have all of our different accounts hooked into so we can see how we’re doing financially as a couple at any point.

    And we split up who pays what. For example, I pay rent, utilities, and groceries. Tony pays for insurance, eating out, date nights, TV/internet/phone, and other everyday purchases. In the end, it all pretty much evens out, but we’re not really keeping tabs on who pays more. Even though we have our own bank accounts and such, we really do have a what’s-mine-is-yours mindset about the whole thing, and it’s pretty much been like that ever since we first moved in together.

  2. Wow, those look crazy. I think I would be kind of scared being up so high? But the photos look amazing. i’ve never been to/seen a dam before. Looks cool! Cute photos of you two, as well!

  3. Oh, the Hoover Dam! I wanted to do the extended tour but I think we just went on the regular tour. Too bad because I’m one of those engineering nerds!

    We still have separate finances and probably always will. When it comes to groceries, gas, eating out we pretty well takes turns paying but I don’t think either of us are keeping track. We divy up monthly expenses (mortgage, utilities) in proportion to our annual salaries which seemed like the fair way to us.

  4. We didn’t! We’ve been married for two years, dating for six, cohabiting for 3, and still have separate checking accounts and debit cards. We do have a joint savings account, but the things we put in it are for joint ventures (i.e. our anniversary trip to Montreal last year, or our upcoming relocation to Northern Ireland this fall), so everything else stays separate. It works for us but it wouldn’t work for everyone – though I think there’s something to be said for keeping your money separate if you each have separate income. We see it as not burdening each other with our respective student loan debt!

  5. I, too, was marveled at the Dam. I’m just glad that scary high bridge wasn’t open yet so I didn’t have to freak out about going across it!

  6. I used to live in Vegas and would always love taking visiting friends out to see the dam. And then this summer I worked on a project out in Boulder City, so I was out there all the time. The enormity still gets me every single time!

  7. We still don’t have all of our money completely together. We have a joint checking account, our own checking accounts (like my paycheck goes into mine and I use it to pay my credit cards) and we have joint and separate retirement funds.

    You have to do what works for you. Even before we were married Jon still paid for everything though! Now that we’re married it’s usually still him or we’ll combine our cash =P

  8. I have been to Vegas about 15 times (not an exaggeration) but never made it out to the Hoover Dam. Guess you know what I was doing in Vegas…
    When I was married we merged our finances right after the wedding. We had lived together for four years prior to getting married and kept everything separate, splitting rent, groceries, utilities, etc. but once that knot was tied everything got thrown into one pot. I know lots of couples who keep things separate but I think it totally depends on the couple and each person’s attitude towards money. Personally, I could never do separate accounts or splitting things down the middle. I guess I’m old fashioned when it comes to this; but I like the idea of the money being “ours”. And for the record, when I was married I made more than my husband.

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