Dressing Room: Anthropologie.

A trip to Retique (upscale Goodwill in our neighborhood) was the main shopping trip on my agenda today, but it was pretty much a big fail. Tried on a couple of ill-fitting skirts and blazers with sleeves-too-short syndrome before calling it a day…and moving onto Anthropologie, naturally. My “wish list” was finally empty & fulfilled, so I wasn’t necessarily anticipating buying anything. I brough a MASSIVE quantity of clothing into the dressing room and did wind up purchasing the Reccurring Theme skirt. I posted mini-reviews of just the items that are officially wish-listed below. Time to watch the Tuesday sales again!

1. Recurring Theme Skirt, $49.95 (originally $98)

(Purchased) Loved the print, love the pleats, love the length. Work and weekend appropriate. This was a size medium, true to size. I especially loved it with the…

2. Facile Camp Shirt, $78

Black with gold buttons = love. They didn’t have this in an 8, so I tried a 10, but I think I’m happy with the larger size. I think this would be the perfect piece to pair with many of the skirts I own right now—a step above the black basic tees/cardigans that keep being paired with them. Want it in cream, too! I also thought it was great with the skirt I purchased and also with the…

3. Painted Morning Skirt, $88

This one was unavailable to try in a 10, and I think I needed to size up. Perhaps runs a little small. Pretty print, fitted, could be made work appropriate (or, again, weekend!).

4. Counting Angles Dress, $168

Officially wish-listed! This dress is a 2-parter, with a spaghetti-strap slip underneath of the same print and a dress that layers on top of it. The reviews of it on the site are very mixed, but I loved it! Would be so fantastic with brown sandals, boots, etc. Side view to demonstrate how the slip allows full coverage whilst the sleeves flutter away.:) Medium, TTS.

4. Valley Breeze Tunic, $98

Love both this print and the looks of the other one online. I was a bit excited after Roxy’s review saying it could be long enough to be a dress for shorter ladies, but yep…when you’re 5’10” absolutely not. Didn’t even pass the “cover booty” test to be worn with leggings. Nevertheless, I liked it. Could see it being a great piece over black pants for work (or over jeans on Fridays). A pretty big hole in my wardrobe right now is blouses/shirts. Dresses have taken over. Tried on an 8, TTS.


~ by Elena Marie on February 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie.”

  1. I just ordered the recurring theme skirt yesterday and am glad to hear it’s true to size. It looks great on you, so if it works for me we can be blog twins!

  2. i really like the camp shirt with the reoccurring theme skirt.

  3. […] continued to work out (though some of the 25-lb-weight-loss pounds decided they wanted a reunion), stalk sales at Anthropologie, reunite with my girlfriends (now scattered across IL and the globe), expand my […]

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