Valentine Vault.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

First Valentine’s Day: 2008

Adam knew I had never really had a typical Valentine experience, so he went all out: flowers, chocolate, teddy bear, a nice dinner out (Timpone’s in Urbana—delicious!). I loved all of it. We are not strangers to date nights, but I am all for embracing a holiday that celebrates love. Sorry; you won’t find any IT’S JUST A CLICHED HALLMARK HOLIDAY talk here. 😉 I’ve liked it since childhood; my mom has always been the champion of valentines and college care packages.

Second Valentine’s Day: 2009

I was feeling under the weather (thanks, grad school), but we made it back to Timpone’s for another yummy feast. We had a delicious bottle o’ vino back at my apartment and watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Always a win. Adam got me a plethora of flavored coffees to try + a lovely pair of heart earrings.

Third Valentine’s Day: 2010

I took one of my certification exams during the day (…awesome),  and then embraced the romance of the evening. Adam got us matching webcams (long distance phase of our relationship), we got tapas at Radio Maria, saw the mediocre Valentine’s Day, drank wine (I sense a pattern), and watched Chuck.

So, those are the rundowns. Three Valentine’s Days in Champaign, Illinois. The bottom line? I loved all of ’em. Something about the holiday just brings extra excitement to the date for me. This year we’ve decided to cook a big feast together and bake something fancy whilst enjoying the sound of some sweet records. I’m pretty darn excited. And guess what? My sister and I bought the same dress last weekend to celebrate our respective Valentine’s days, so expect a feature on that.

Have an amazing weekend with the people you love. Thanks for being such fabulous readers. I heart you.


~ by Elena Marie on February 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Valentine Vault.”

  1. too cute. happy valentine’s day! LOVE anna

  2. I love Radio Maria! We went a couple of times while visiting our family that lives in Urbana.

    You guys are so cute! B and I are more of a laid back type on romantic holidays. We love making dinners at home and chilling with a movie or two.

  3. […] feelings toward 2/14, even as a single girl, but…yeah. It’s a little sad this year. We always rocked the holiday (from lovely nights out to feasts made in our apartment), so it brings about a new wave of […]

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