Be My Valentine.

For our first Valentine celebration in, we went for a menu of all new-to-us items. In case you’re looking for new recipes, we enjoyed goat cheese & asparagus pizza (with dough fresh from the Public Market), blue cheese crusted filet mignon with port wine sauce (all Adam), and oreo truffles/nutter butter cake balls for dessert (for the latter I did a mix of milk/dark chocolate). We also picked up a bottle of dessert wine we’ve been lusting after since summer from Kafevino ($20, which is not too ridiculous, but we needed a reason to splurge! And they gave away massive, tuxedo-chocolate-covered strawberries with our purchase!) and an assortment of yummy cheeses. Celebrating early allowed us to take our time cooking and relax. I’ve enjoyed dining out for the occasion in the past, so certainly am not dissing it, but avoiding a fixed menu and reservation was nice this weekend.

I’ll deem our in-apartment festivities a win. And we got to catch up on Chuck, which is always a good thing. Three cheers for Chuck & Sarah!


~ by Elena Marie on February 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “Be My Valentine.”

  1. my mouth is watering…..looks sooooo yummy!!!

  2. Love love looooove Oreo balls.

  3. You guys are so cute — and all that food looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to make those oreo truffle things for AGES.

  4. That pizza and the cakeballs look SOOOOOOOO good. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!

  5. Oh WOW!! You’re such a lucky girl. This totally bums me out though. We’re just going for sushi tonight to celebrate. I should buy myself some flowers =P

  6. […] It’s a little sad this year. We always rocked the holiday (from lovely nights out to feasts made in our apartment), so it brings about a new wave of indignation to realize that’s not a […]

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