LBD for (Winter) Work: February 22nd, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Black dress: Gap (handed down from mom); Striped tee: Gap; Tights: ?; Boots: Diba, Necklace: Gift; Boot socks: Target

This is a dress I would probably wear a lot more often across all seasons if not for the sleeves. Their fluttery nature (which I love!), does not allow for a lot of seamless layering. But, hey, after trying layers underneath my plaid dress, I figured I’d give it a shot with this one. I think the results were work-appropriate and dressed up what can be a pretty fancy frock. Added some knee-high socks for a smidgen of extra interest (and warmth!) and called it a day.

Not much else to report. Work has been fine, but it’s always rough coming back after a long weekend. One plus: It’s our pet-themed week, so a staff member has been bringing a dog every day…excited to see whose dog we have tomorrow! I had to put my selfish side away and admit that Arwen’s still a bit crazy to be some three-year-olds’ first doggie experience. She’s full o’ love, but she can be full o’ jumping, too. The kids have been LOVING the dogs, though, and I’ve been loving having doggies to pet all day. We must get a therapy dog, stat. Brings out a whole new side of some of our kids, especially those who are less verbal.

Speaking of Ms. Arwen, she was an ESCAPE ARTIST yesterday! We’ve been crating her during the day for awhile now due to lots o’ destruction, but yesterday her cage must not have been latched properly and she was just chillin’ by the door, waiting to greet me. Pretty minimal damage, considering she had unexpected run of the entire apartment. Might have to give her another chance soon.

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~ by Elena Marie on February 23, 2011.

5 Responses to “LBD for (Winter) Work: February 22nd, 2011”

  1. I love the stripey top underneath the dress! This is one of my favourite ways to create more opportunities to wear one of my all time fav black dresses, also with fluttery sleeves. I normally stick with white or grey long sleeves underneath though, I will have to try your variation out now 🙂

  2. so loving all the ways you have styled that dress…great idea with the striped t-shirt!!

  3. I love all the different ways you’ve styled this dress! I have a fluttery sleeve dress that I never wear, except in summer, because it’s hard to work with. Three different pics of yours though just ended up in my inspiration folder. I especially love today’s with the casual stripes.

  4. […] wardrobe. I wasn’t so sure this dress could make that transition—the fluttery sleeves again make it pretty impossible to layer over, and I’ll admit the sweetheart necklace feels a […]

  5. […] This is the same dress I have in black (I purchased this one for a wedding; my mom gave me the black when she ordered it for herself and […]

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