A Little Whimsy: March 1st, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Black tee: Old Navy; Lost Time skirt: Anthropologie; Necklace: Forever 21; Boots: Diba; Maroon tights: We Love Colors

Whoa. I am behind on outfits like WHOA, folks. I blame our 3.5 anniversary celebration and last night’s trip to Chicago to see Cage the Elephant. DARN YOU, FUN LIFE EVENTS.

Yes, I kid. Especially since I susssssspect you’ll forgive my tardiness (merci beaucoup!).

So this post takes us back to Tuesday. Been there, said that—- but I am so glad I was able to snag this skirt on sale. Ah, whimsy. I wouldn’t mind a bit more of you in my wardrobe. Also, I think I was especially diggin’ my high bun hair on this day (I know this is how my hair looks almost all the time, but somehow it felt more chic on Tuesday! I SWEAR). Really just a typical work day. But then—back in MKE—at 5:30 Adam walked in the door with Public Market goodies that majorly warmed my heart: yellow roses (my fave), amazing Kehr’s chocolates (meltaways!), and pumpkin bread. Ooh—and cheese! Can we always celebrate half-year anniversaries? Seems totally legit to me…

More on the celebration later (as that’s a different outfit. haha), but for now I just I hope your work week is coming to an excellent close. I am looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend in Milwaukee a whole lot.

P.S. Confession: I wore this exact same outfit, with a different necklace, on Christmas Eve. Code name: REPEAT OFFENDER.

Lost Time skirt previously:


~ by Elena Marie on March 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “A Little Whimsy: March 1st, 2011”

  1. sooo cute love that skirt

  2. I really love that skirt and wish I had snatched it up before starting GAAD. Ah well….

  3. Awwwwww! Adam sounds so stinkin’ sweet! Could he give my guy pointers?? (kidding… maybe.) I love how you’re wearing that skirt! I am ESPECIALLY digging the previous time you wore it with a simple white v-neck tee — it looks perfect! And how was the show??

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