Cage the Elephant: March 2nd, 2011

Event: Cage the Elephant at the Vic, Chicago

Outfit: Tee: Brew City Promotions (free!); Suit jacket: JCPenney; Necklace: Rethreads (Gap); Skirt: Laura Conrad via Kohl’s; Bag: H&M

Adam had set our Chicago departure time for 5pm, so I had half an hour to take the pupster out and find an acceptable concert look. I continue to crave a boyfriend blazer a whollllle lot, but this worked out! A little shimmer, some ruffles, some black to keep it Cage the Elephant appropriate. All good. We met Jeff and Beth at the Vic and enjoyed a pretty rockin’ show! The frontman has a whole lot of energy. Lots of crowd surfing. Any concert where I actually know quite a few of the songs is a win in my book (Adam’s and my taste in music has some common ground, but quite a bit of it…not so much). After the concert ended we all went to a bar down the street for a beer before hitting the road.  Back in Milwaukee we went to bed around 1AM. Ah, 5:15AM alarm…I wanted to murder you.

Today we bought tickets to see Florence & The Machine (we both love them!) + Black Keys + Cage the Elephant at Summerfest. Now that it’s March I’m starting to feel very antsy for a whole summer in Milwaukee! We live mere blocks from the Summerfest grounds, so I’m anticipating some seriously awesome concerts and festivals on the horizon. I hope to get some sort of parttime job this summer (non-SLP related, perhaps), but I suspect I’ll have plenty of time to have an amazing summer, even with wedding planning. WIN. I mean, I ONLY WORK IN A SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMERS OFF. Oh wait, that’s not true. Sometimes I get so confused with all the teacher love out there right now. Oh wait, I’m not even a teacher. I could be making a hefty chunk o’ change more at a private practice, hospital, clinic, nursing home. But hmmm. Maybe, oh maybe, I didn’t go into this field for the MONEY. LE SIGH. The budget cuts are getting to me, people. Living Governor Walker’s state is, too.

Random rant OVER. Please excuse the blogger having emotional outbursts in this here corner. Back to enjoying the weekend, which means getting my booty to the gym, starring in a photoshoot for Adam, and finally using a Groupon to enjoy some wine/munchies down the street. Happy Saturday!

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~ by Elena Marie on March 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Cage the Elephant: March 2nd, 2011”

  1. I love the blazer and Cage the Elephant! Also, thanks for sharing the teacher love. I think SLPs need a lot of love too. We only have one for our district and she is absolutely amazing, I don’t know how she manages going between 5 schools (insanity!) and working with everyone on her caseload. SLPs who choose to work in schools are amazing and deserve way more recognition/appreciation than they usually get.

  2. Ditto on the above. AND I love that skirt!

    I’m jealous you live so close to Summerfest. We use to do the bar shuttles but that got waaaay too scary at the end. Now we park and walk blocks and blocks. Now my fear isn’t if I’ll be accosted by a drunk but whether my car will still be there with all windows intact when I return 😦

  3. I LOVE the concert outfit- It’s so perfectly cool!

    I feel ya on the education part. I’m a school counselor in PA and we have just starting to get some heat. It’s ridiculous, but I don’t want to get in a political rant on your blog.

    So anyhow, I love your style. It’s gives me a chance to check out more urban looks. 🙂

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