Newly Belted: March 7th, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Purple dress: The Limited (2008); Belt: Urban Outfitters; Tights: ?; Necklace: General Eccentric (2007); Boots: Steve Madden

Dudes, guess what?! I’ve actually been wearing my hair down to work! As in, not in a messy bun every single day!

Are practically air-dried waves better? I have no idea, but it’s been working for the past few days. I’ve discovered that showering in the morning is actually not so bad (Oh, 5:15am) and that—as I have an hour commute—-after a little blow-dryer assistance my hair can do the rest of the work on the drive there. Eh, it’s another option.

As I mentioned, Adam’s been trying out new things with his flash every day, so Arwen and I get to be models. I was just excited to show off my new belt, purchased on sale at Urban Outfitters on Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a belt that wasn’t $5 and from Forever 21, so SCORE! This baby was $10 down from $24 and I’m really diggin’ it thus far. Wore it again today. I was in search of these heels (fail), but instead left with the belt, some wedding decor, and a content Adam (he found a sweet zip-up and the She & Him album). Along with its pricier, older sister (yes, Anthropologie), it’s my one of my favorite stores in which to browse. Don’t buy many clothes there, but the accessories rock my socks.

Time to bid you adieu for now. Progress reports are due this weeks and quite a few IEPs are on the horizon. Have an amazing Wednesday!


~ by Elena Marie on March 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “Newly Belted: March 7th, 2011”

  1. aww i especially like that last pic of you and arwen. nice belt what a steal

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! I wish I could let mine air dry without crazy results these days. I love the purple and cognac combination here!

  3. These pictures of you and Arwen are adorable, he’s lucky to have ya’ll as models. I can sometimes find success with air-dry waves, but now that I bike commute, that usually kills any chance of that working. UO is adorable, but man is their stuff always on the short side, definitely better to stick with accessories.

  4. I love that dress and belt! x

  5. That is SUCH a pretty dress!

  6. Don’t you love when your hair cooperates with an easy styling technique and looks good! My hair teases me every couple months by behaving, and then decides to go back to it’s uncooperative ways.
    And purple is very much your color. Beautiful!

  7. […] toward pieces I’m very comfortable and familiar with—-and hence this is pretty much Monday-two-weeks-ago’s look with pants instead of tights. HUGH DIFFERENCE, FOLKS. Okay, not at all, but Adam was experimenting […]

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