Dinner: March 14th, 2011

Adam has a long-declared fear/hatred of tofu, but as he’s in St. Louis this week for work I decided to do some grocery shopping today and give it a shot. I’ve only cooked with tofu once before, but I was eager to give it another go! I always loved it in my pad thai at school (Siam Terrace, Natalie!), and I’d love to be able to rock it at home. I got some white rice going in our rice cooker and then followed Daily Garnish’s guidelines to prepping tofu. Truth? I wound up burning the one side a bit, and didn’t get to cook the other side as much as I would’ve liked as my kitchen got so smoky. HONEST CHEF-IN-TRAINING, right here. However, it still tasted so much better than the dish I ordered last week! Good texture. I stirfried a combo of veggies (broccoli, sprouts, carrots, yellow squash, snap peas) in some soy sauce/olive oil/spices and combined all items at the end & topped ’em off with some sesame seeds. Definitely hit the spot! I feel very full, and not at all guilty about my dinner choices.

Any tofu tips? Favorite marinades? Do tell! I’m most definitely a novice. My friend Stephy recommended BBQ, so that might be up next.


~ by Elena Marie on March 14, 2011.

5 Responses to “Dinner: March 14th, 2011”

  1. Tofu scramble is my favorite! You just crumble the tofu into a pan with olive oil and bring it up to a medium-high heat to fully cook out the water. Season it really well and cook it until the tofu has turned golden and crisp. It’s so delicious cooked with spicy veggies like peppers and onions. I have a recipe on my blog for BBQ baked tofu. It’s one of my favorite dishes to this very day =)

  2. I’ve been vegetarian for five years, and I still can’t quite get tofu all the time. A lot depends on the marinade and sometimes the texture of the tofu. I’ve found that marinating and frying tofu (while not so healthy) tastes pretty good in stir fries.

    I just do a simple marinade of soy sauce and oil; this is sort of my go-to for all tofu dishes I make. Also, BBQ tofu, baked with some homemade mashed potatoes is pretty yummy.

  3. I am not a tofu fan so no tips here but that DOES look good!

  4. We did BBQ tofu with mashed potatoes. Like I said before, we have tried a Caribbean Jerk marinade and Spicy Mango. I know that a lot of people use soy sauce for stir fries. I bet a spicy peanut sauce would be amazing. Pan frying is the way we go because it evaporates the water. We tried baking it one time, and it wasn’t that good, but then again, I am still a relative tofu virgin even though I have been a vegetarian for two years. I have had tofu scrambles, and they are so good! I have not made it myself yet. A friend of ours out here recently made this tofu casserole, it looked so good. I’ll try and find the recipe.

  5. Mmmmm I miss tofu! Might have to break some out over spring break….
    It sounds odd, but this dish was really good! Get some pre-seasoned tofu (Chinese 5-spice), drain it, sautee 1 serving, and then wrap it up in a whole-grain tortilla with some sliced cucumber and tomato. Yum!

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