Dinner: March 15th, 2011

You’ll soon notice a trend (if you haven’t already): I am all about throwing veggies and carbs together and calling it a day, possibly topped with cheese. On weekdays it’s the easiest path to delicious in my book! I got back from the gym around 7:30 and quickly started heating up a pot of water for the tortellini, washed & seasoned some Brussels sprouts before tossing them in the oven (400 degrees), sliced a red bell pepper and zucchini, and put some Vodka sauce (Newman’s Own) on the stovetop. Also put some pre-prepared meatballs on a baking sheet to heat up along with the Brussels sprouts (this brand is gluten-free and I LOVE them. Not the cheapest option, but definitely a favorite from time to time). Put the pepper/zucchini into the sauce once it was simmering. Tossed everything together once done cookin’, topped with a little fresh mozzarella. Hearty, delicious, YUM. I’m a bit scared I’m coming down with something, so comfort food was a must.

Thanks for all your tofu tips/recipes! I will definitely be trying again soon.


~ by Elena Marie on March 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dinner: March 15th, 2011”

  1. I have an aversion to brussel sprouts, but otherwise I think we tend to have similar game plans for quick weekday dinners. I hope you don’t get sick!

  2. Oh – this lokks delicious. I could eat a bowl right now 🙂

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