Weekend Highlights.

This weekend I loved:

My new nook case. 75% off. Black, white, & read all over. It is adorable, Kate Spade,  and makes me even more delighted to be enjoying The Help on my beloved e-reader!

-The 30% off sale. Workout capris (I want the leggings, too!) & a fun gold, pleated skirt went home with me.

-Celebrating my dad’s birthday with my mom, Adam, and Arwen. Delicious cake and an awesome trip to the dog park the next morning!

-Hair cut and color, somehow for $40. Usually a haircut by itself is $40, though this was a new stylist. I tipped generously and, after one puzzled “Really??” decided the universe just likes me.

-Seeing grad-school besties Natalie, Sarah, and Katherine to celebrate Natalie’s golden 25th birthday. Night out in Chicago, yummy brunch at Orange today (mmmm orange-infused coffee!).

-My dad currently making malfuf, my favorite meal. It’s one of the few signs that he’s from the Middle East and it’s AMAZING.

IEP writing and cupcake baking (for work) on the agenda tonight, but also hoping for some nook-reading and Martha Stewart Weddings browsing. Eager to see my guy and puppy tomorrow but looking forward to a nice, short commute in the AM! I am massively behind on outfit posts, but will be back with more soon! Happy, happy Sunday!



~ by Elena Marie on March 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Weekend Highlights.”

  1. OMG – y’all look gorgeous, per usual. Miss you girls!

  2. What a great week!! I didn’t do anything fun other than work a lot, and work out like a beast =P Happy Sunday to you doll!

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